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Complete Listing of Student Organizations


Student Organizations are ideal for:

  • Making new friends
  • Experiencing and exploring new topics, ideas and events
  • Developing leadership and team skills, and
  • Having fun!

Use the links above to browse the different types of student organizations, or use the search box to search for a particular organization.

For more information, please contact Pete Lafferty, Community Coordinator for Leadership Development at 215/951-1669,

The Point

The Point consists of the leaders of the registered student organizations that, in turn, most represent other students or student organizations. The leaders meet on a regular basis with the Dean of Students to collaborate and to promote association between and among students, student organizations, the Division of Student Affairs, and the larger University community.

The organizations that currently are represented in The Point include the Student Government Association (SGA), the Resident Student Association (RSA), the Commuter And Off-Campus Student (CAOS), the Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Council (IFSC), the African-American Student League (AASL, on behalf of Multicultural and International student organizations), the Fellowship of Community and University Service (FOCUS), the Athletics Relations Council (SAAC), and The Masque, on behalf of Arts and Media Student Organizations.

Student Organizations Listing

  • American/Asian Students' Intercultural AssociationMulticultural

  • African American Student LeagueMulticultural

    We are not here to see through one another, but to see one another through. – AASL Motto
  • Accounting AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • ACMAcademic Clubs

    La Salle Student Chapter
  • AIDS OutreachCommunity Service

  • AllianceCommunity Service

  • Alpha Chi Rho FraternityGreek Life

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Med Honor Society)Academic Honor Societies

  • Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology Honor Society)Academic Honor Societies

  • Alpha Phi Delta FraternityGreek Life

  • Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice Honorary)Academic Honor Societies

  • Alpha Sigma Tau SororityGreek Life

  • Alpha Theta Alpha SororityGreek Life

  • American Marketing AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • La Salle AmbassadorsGeneral: Institutional

  • La Salle American Studies AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • Anime ClubGeneral: Extra

  • Art SocietyPerforming Arts

  • American Sign Language ClubGeneral: Extra

  • Association for Women in CommunicationsAcademic Clubs

    La Salle Chapter
  • Beta Alpha (Accounting)Academic Honor Societies

  • Beta Gamma Sigma (Business)Academic Honor Societies

  • Blackfeet MontanaService Trips

  • Business Systems and Analytics ClubAcademic Clubs

    “Every major can benefit through Business Analytics”
  • Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)Community Service

  • Camden ExperienceService Trips

  • Commuter & Off-Campus Student Association (C.A.O.S.)Student Governance

  • Cross Cultural AssociationMulticultural

  • Central Eastern European SocietyMulticultural

  • International Chess ClubGeneral: Extra

  • Chymian SocietyAcademic Clubs

  • Circle KCommunity Service

  • College RepublicansGeneral: Extra

  • CollegianStudent Media

  • National Society of Collegiate ScholarsAcademic Honor Societies

  • La Salle Couture Fashion ClubGeneral: Extra

  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS) AmbassadorsCommunity Service

  • Caribbean Student AssociationMulticultural

  • Dance SocietyPerforming Arts

  • Delta Phi EpsilonGreek Life

    Epsilon Zeta Chapter at La Salle University
  • Delta Sigma PiAcademic Honor Societies

  • College DemocratsGeneral: Extra

  • Digital Arts ClubAcademic Clubs

  • Environmental Community of Olney (ECO)Community Service

  • Student Economics AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • La Salle University Education AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • Students In Free EnterpriseAcademic Clubs

  • English SocietyAcademic Clubs

  • Environmental Science and Geology ClubAcademic Clubs

  • Equipo EsparanzaService Trips

  • Epsilon Sigma AlphaCommunity Service

    Beta Nu Chapter, La Salle University
  • Explorers For LifeGeneral: Extra

    Building a Culture of Life
  • Film SocietyPerforming Arts

  • FOCUS – Fellowship of Community and University ServiceCommunity Service

  • Gamma Iota Sigma – Alpha Delta ChapterAcademic Honor Societies

    The International Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science Collegiate Fraternity
  • Gamma Phi Beta SororityGreek Life

    Epsilon Alpha
  • Golden Key National Honour SocietyAcademic Honor Societies

  • Gospel ChoirPerforming Arts

  • GrimoireStudent Media

  • Habitat for HumanityService Trips

  • The Histories: La Salle University Student Historical Society/MagazineAcademic Clubs

  • Honors BoardGeneral: Institutional

  • Interfraternity-Sorority CouncilStudent Governance

  • Investment ClubAcademic Clubs

  • Italian Club – Il Circolo ItalianoMulticultural

  • La Salle Jazz & Pep BandPerforming Arts

    La Salle University's Student-Run Instrumental Organization
  • Jewish ExplorersLiturgical

  • Kappa Mu Epsilon National Honorary Mathematics SocietyAcademic Honor Societies

  • La Salle Shotokan Karate ClubGeneral: Extra

  • Lambda Pi Eta (Communication)Academic Honor Societies

  • La Salle LearnersCommunity Service

  • La Salle University's Association of Women MBAs (LAWMBA)Academic Clubs

  • L.E.A.N. (La Salle Explorers Advocating Nutrition) ClubAcademic Clubs

  • Society for the Advancement of ManagementAcademic Clubs

  • The MasquePerforming Arts

    Supporting Plays and Thespians since 1929
  • Mathematical AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • Mindfulness and Meditation ClubGeneral: Extra

  • La Salle Mock Trial AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • Muslim Student AssociationLiturgical

  • Minority Student Nurses AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • La Salle Music SocietyPerforming Arts

  • National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)Academic Clubs

  • Neighborhood TutoringCommunity Service

  • Neighbor to NeighborCommunity Service

  • Neo-African Drums 'n DancePerforming Arts

  • National Residence Hall HonoraryAcademic Honor Societies

  • National Student Speech Language Hearing AssociationAcademic Clubs

  • Organization of Latino-American Students (OLAS)Multicultural

  • Outdoor Adventure ClubGeneral: Extra

  • Police Athletic League (PAL)Community Service

  • Panhellenic CouncilStudent Governance

  • La Salle Peer EducatorsGeneral: Institutional

    You heard it from us
  • Psychology Graduate Students for DiversityAcademic Clubs

  • Pheed PhiladelphiaCommunity Service

  • Phi Alpha (Social Work)Academic Honor Societies

  • Phi Alpha Beta (Biology)Academic Honor Societies

  • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, IncGreek Life

  • Philosophy ClubAcademic Clubs

  • Public Health Student OrganizationAcademic Clubs

  • Pi Lambda ThetaAcademic Honor Societies

    International Honor Society and Professional Association in Education
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)Academic Honor Societies

  • St. Thomas More Pre-Law SocietyAcademic Clubs

  • Project AppalachiaService Trips

  • Project MapendoService Trips

  • Project HaitiService Trips

  • Public Relations Student Society of AmericaAcademic Clubs

  • Psi Chi (Psychology)Academic Honor Societies

  • Psychology ClubAcademic Clubs

  • REACHE (Special Olympics)Community Service

  • Retreat Planning CommitteeLiturgical

  • La Salle Army ROTC DetachmentGeneral: Institutional

  • Resident Student AssociationStudent Governance

    Making La Salle your second home
  • South Asian Student Alliance (SASA)Multicultural

  • Students for Environmental Action (SEA)Community Service

  • Students' Government AssociationStudent Governance

  • La Salle Explorers SHRM Student ChapterAcademic Clubs

  • Sigma Delta PiAcademic Honor Societies

    National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society
  • Sigma Phi EpsilonGreek Life

    Virtue – Diligence – Brotherly Love
  • Sigma Phi Lambda FraternityGreek Life

  • Kappa Delta ChapterAcademic Honor Societies

    Honor Society of Nursing
  • La Salle SingersPerforming Arts

  • SNAP: Student Nurses' Association of PAAcademic Clubs

  • La Salle University Step TeamPerforming Arts

  • Social Work Association (SWA)Academic Clubs

  • T.E.A.M. Lasallians: Teaching, Empowering, and MentoringCommunity Service

  • University Ministry and Service Executive BoardLiturgical

  • Volunteers in MissionService Trips

  • WEXPStudent Media

  • Women’s Relationship Awareness Program (WRAP)Community Service

  • Explorer YearbookStudent Media

  • Young BroadcastersStudent Media

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