Girl Child Education Fund


Girl Child Education Fund – A Nursing Initiative for Orphaned Girls

The Florence Nightingale International Foundation (FNIF) Girl Child Education Fund (GCEF) supports the primary and secondary schooling of girls under the age of 18 in developing countries whose nurse parent or parents have died, paying for fees, uniforms, shoes and books. The organization works in partnership with member National Nurses Associations to ensure that the money goes directly to education costs. Every girl in the program is paired with a nurse volunteer to monitor her progress at school and at home.

Each year the Kappa Delta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International makes a donation to support the Girl Child Education Fund. A portion of our proceeds from our annual induction raffle and fundraisers is contributed to the GCEF to provide an education to orphaned daughters of nurses in developing countries.


Since it was first launched in 2005, the GCEF has enabled over 250 girls to return to or stay in school but there are many more girls who are looking for financial help to continue their schooling and your donation could make that difference in their lives.

In Kenya, 62 girls are currently attending school thanks to the GCEF, with 46 being supported in Zambia. Swaziland has a total of 48 girls in their program and Uganda now has 109. All these girls are the orphaned daughters of nurses.

A contribution of US$ 200 will help cover the costs of uniforms, school books, and fees for the primary education of a girl child for one year, and US$ 600 for secondary education. Approximately US$ 5,000 will secure the education of a girl throughout her primary and secondary schooling years.

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