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It’s unbelievable– but some how it’s already February? This school year has just flown by.

This semester SGA is working on quite a bit. Our annual basketball marathon will take place on Friday, March 23rd! There are some exciting changes in the works- so stay tuned!

Also on the agenda for SGA is involvement with Heritage week and possibly introducing a new program for the campus to get involved with!

As always, the senators are representing the student on their various University Committees. We are happy to annouce that there is a meeting taking place about the Library hours! (Pause for reaction—Whooo hoo!)

Nothing is set in stone, and the university will have final approval over all changes, however this is proof that when you speak– SGA listens!

We will update you as the matter progresses! In the mean time, if you would like to get involved with SGA, the marathon, or find out more about elections– give me a shout! 

Have a great February! 

Amy Esselman

President, Students’ Government Association

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