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Senior Senators
Jake Dylik
Year: 2012
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Involved in: ACEs, Ambassadors, Church Choir, Campus Ministry, PRSSA, SGA
Hobbies: Reading, Running Cycling & Playing board games
Favorite Class: Presentation Skills

Senior Affiliates:
William Nason
Year: 2012
Hometown: Burke, VA
Involved in: ROTC
Hobbies: Tennis
Favorite Class: Human Sexuality/Psy.-Stress & Health
Julia Labrum
Year: 2012
Major: History, minoring in Spanish and International Studies
From North Hanover, New Jersey.
A member of Alpha Theta Alpha.
Junior Senators

Casey Zweigle
Year: 2013
Hometown: Sewell
Involved in: AMA, BBBS Sepa, NEP
Hobbies: N/A
Favorite Class: Marketing w/Dr. Jones

Marcelina Hollender
Year: 2013
Hometown: Philadelphia
Involved in: Beta Alpha, Accounting Association, Masque, Funding Board
Hobbies: Drinking coffee, kick-boxing, zumba, reading  & traveling
Favorite Class: Accounting

Flor Martinez Mejia
Year: 2013
Hometown: Madera
Involved in: Yearbook, OLAS, Basketball manager, currently pledging Gamma Phi Beta
Hobbies: Basketball, Watching movies, & Browsing web
Favorite class: Math
Laila Kdiry
Involved in:
Favorite Class:
Junior Affiliates:
Brittany Antonakos
Hometown:Hamilton, NJ
Involved in: American Studies Association, Aids Outreach
Hobbies: Gym, cooking, hanging out with friends
Favorite Class: American Studies
Sophomore Senators

Haley Alexander
Year: 2014
Hometown:Fort Lauderdale, FL
Involved in:B.S. Co-op, Women’s rugby, Peers, Project Appalachia
Hobbies: Listening to music, Arts & crafts,volleyball
Favorite Class: Accounting
Sarah Segaline
Year: 2014
Hometown: Philadelphia
Involved in: SGA, Intramural sports
Hobbies: Shopping, Hanging out with friends
Favorite Class: Organizational behavior
Maggie McCann
Involved in:
Favorite Class:
Catalina Ta
Involved in:
Favorite Class:
Dan Bowers
Year: 2014
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Involved in: AIDS Outreach, PAL, Pheed Philadelphia, TEAM LaSallians, Intramural Volletball, NEP, St. Raymond’s, Dominican Republic Service Trip
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, Facebook, Bowling, Making a difference
Favorite Class: Education 224, Major: Education
Pat Knaus
Year: 2014
Hometown: Ridley, PA
Involved in: SGA, St. Raymond’s, NEP (FYO), TKE
Hobbies: Community Service, Watching Philly Sports
Favorite Class: Political Science
Maxine Dyjak
Year: 2014
Hometown: Yardley, PA
Involved in: The Big explorer Program
Hobbies: Running, Fashion, Art
Favorite Class: Politics of the developing world, MAJOR: Political Science
Freshmen Senators:
Miranda Yiengst
Hometown: Lebanon
Involved in: Cheerleading, PSA, TEAM LaSallians
Hobbies: Coloring, Singing, Shopping
Favorite Class: Pyschology
Josh Tribbett
Year: 2015
Hometown: West Chester
Involved in: ROTC, Mock Trial, Community Service
Hobbies: Sports, friends
Favorite Class: Economics, Computer science & ROTC
Jeff Lucia
Year: 2015
Hometown: Boston, MA
Involved in: Athletics Rally Team, PEER Educators, Film Society
Hobbies:Fitness, Film Studies, Camping
Favorite Class: History
Freddy Mitchell
Year: 2015
Hometown:Arlington, VA
Involved in: Club Lax
Hobbies:Trains, Lax
Favorite Class: ACC. or History
Herb Gress
Year: 2015
Hometown: Philadelphia
Involved in: SGA
Hobbies: Sports, playing guitar, hanging out with friends
Favorite Class: Macroeconomics
Fega Achoja
Year: 2015
Hometown: Newark
Involved in:Step Team, Neighbor to Neighbor, AASL
Hobbies: Cooking, online shopping
Favorite Class: Religion, Major: Biology
Chantal Berkley
Year: 2015
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Involved in: Pheed Philadelphia, AASL, Accounting Association, Neighbor to Neighbor
Hobbies:Singing, studying, cooking, & making people laugh
Favorite Class: Financial accounting
Brian Caputo

Year: 2015
Hometown: NE Philadelphia
Involved in: Mock Trial, PRSSA, College Republicans, & Italian Club
Hobbies:Sports, cooking Italian and Irish food!
Favorite Class: European Politics
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