Meet your SGA!

President- Amy Esselman

Executive Vice President- John Owens

Vice President of Business Affairs- Adam Muhlenhaupt

Vice President of Academic Affairs- Vin Arcana

Freshmen Senate:

  • Miranda Yiengst
  • Brian Caputo
  • Josh Tribbett
  • Chantel Berkley
  • Jeff Lucia

Appointed Freshmen Senators:

  • Freddy Mitchell
  • Fega Achoja
  • Herb Gress

Sophomore Senate:

  • Maggie McCann
  • Haley Alexander
  • Sarah Segaline
  • Dan Bowers
  • Maxine Dyjak

Appointed Sophomore Senators:

  • Catalina Ta
  • Pat Knaus

Junior Senate:

  • Casey Zweigle
  • Laila Kdiry
  • Marcelina Hollender
  • Flor Martinez

Senior Senate:

  • Jake Dylik
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