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SGA had their annual retreat on October 22nd.

Members brought issues they had discussed with their peers, friends, and other students to discuss with the senate.

Here are a few of the issues we will be bringing up to our university committees:

  • Computer lab hours
  • Recycling on campus
  • lighting projects on campus
  • The various uses of Backstage
  • Washers and Dryers in the Dormitories
  • Vegetarian options in the dining halls
  • More tailgates and spirit activities surrounding athletics
  • Recreational gym equipment
Have issues on campus? Want us to find the answer to something? Let us know! Let us be your voice!
Another important topic we are investigating is the student activities fee!
We sent out a survey to all full time, day, undergraduate students about the current student activities fee. We discovered that students did not have enough relevant information about what it does.
We will be holding a Campaign week starting November 14th to better educate students about what this fee is, and what it does!
Look out for SGA members throughout campus all of that week!

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