Meeting Minutes

1/25/2011 Meeting Minutes

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Union 301- Start: 9:16 End: 10:01

Welcome back!

American Cancer Society Check Presentation

                Wednesday, January 26th at half time

                Wear SGA shirts!

                Pick up tickets in the union 12:30-2, bus leaves at 5:45

Conor O’Kane Memorial Hockey Game

                Saturday, January 29th, bus leaves at 3:30

                T-shirts sold for $10

8th Annual Service Trips Auction

                February 11th, 5-8pm

                $5 student entrance fee

                Basket donation ideas- brainstorm over the next week!

Activities Fair

                Thursday, January 27th at 12:30 in the Ballroom

                Wear SGA shirts!

Basketball Marathon

                Co-chairs are to be email every Friday with updates

                Any emails regarding BBM should go to:

Meeting Minutes 11/26/2010

SGA Meeting

November 16, 2010

Start: 9:27

2nd annual Dance-a-thon (service trips)

Friday, December 10th

35th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner (11/17)

Volunteers needed

Student Appreciation Day

Thursday, December 2nd, from 12-2pm

4 stations: union (t shirts), library (rice krispie treats), B&G and Treetops (save-the-dates, sga info, raffles) *note: 7 raffles will be given away to Facebook participants

Promotion/ responsibilities- collegian (Lexi), chalking(*GET PERMISSION*), table tents, posters(Christine B), dorm flyers(Christine A), portal announcement(Christine A), save-the-dates (Christine A), suggestion box (Lexi)

SGA Formal

Tentative date: January 29th

2 reps to work with Ambassadors: John O and Lindsey C

Heritage Week ideas

Student organization poster contest

Ideas for an activity student can do during free period

Basketball Marathon

March 25th at 3pm!

Committees should meet on a weekly basis!

Committee Reports

Issues brought to food services: variety in choices, napkin box (students can offer suggestions), healthier choices, holiday hours to be distributed to students)

President’s Minute

Christmas card picture being taken on the 11/29! (Black sunglasses and Santa hats!)

SGA Retreat Minutes

Students’ Government Association Retreat

November 6, 2010

Major campus issues:

                Security (lack of)

                Facilities (working equipment)

                Aesthetics (looking like a “college campus”)

                Meals (times for dining halls, food selection, costs of meals, meal plan variety)

                Wireless campus**

                Library (computers, printers, hours)

                Lab hours

                Athletic facilities

                Drugs on campus

                Health center hours       


Expanding ideas:

  1. Security
    1. Possible forum with students, SGA  to meet with Art Grover
    2. Assemble a packet of security responsibilities
    3. Set shuttle schedule and distribute, post at stops
    4. Online security report form
    5. Plan a ride-along (SGA rep reports to The Collegian)
  2. Food services
    1. Survey students: Meal plan options *partner with food services
    2. More options for commuters
    3. Union operating hours
  3. Social life on campus
    1. Bar on/off campus
    2. Better venues on weekends
    3. Master Academic  Affairs calendar



                Committees that have not yet met MUST meet ASAP, email contacts

SGA suggestion box on the Portal (email us with comments/concerns, easily accessed via La Salle University webpage.

Basketball Marathon!


                When do we get word out? Send out “Save the Dates”?

                Early & effective promotion (t shirts for SGA members?)

                FIND BASKETBALL SUIT!


                Potential activities (aside from basketball)

                “Watch parties”

                Dunk/ Free throw contest

                                *Use as a “time filler” during marathon

                                *Use as a promotion tool

                Coin drop

                Tarot card/palm readings, hypnotists

                Ending “show”


                Goal: get enough teams to fill a 24 hour marathon

                Reach out to various organizations

                Kick off game: faculty v SGA

                Ask SGAs from local colleges and universities        


                Energy drink sponsors

                Work with Advancement when sending packets!**

Student Appreciation Day!

                “Thanks for Being YOU!”

*Increase SGA brand and recognition

*Hand out free shirts!


                -possible locations:

                                Union, 20th and Olney, Lobby of buildings

                -possible hand-outs:

T-Shirts, pens, hot chocolate, “SGA hearts YOU” sticker/tattoos, food, lanyard,  keychains, business cards, SUGGESTION BOX, candy canes,


-banners, side walk chalk, wear an SGA shirt and be entered in a raffle, prizes given to students for commenting/liking SGA facebook status, take a picture with Snap, Crackle and Pop!


                                -Kyra for tables

9/7/10 Meeting Minutes

SGA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Union 301 9:22-10:06

9/11 Flag Planting

  • ROTC offered help!
  • Meet on 9/9 at 4:45 to plant flags

Campus Philly (Christine)

  • Bus trip to parkway – sign ups on 9/13
  • Trip is on 9/25
  • Departure time: 10AM (from La Salle) and 4PM (from museum)
  • Free admission to museums! $5 deposit at sign up

Freshman Forum

  • 9/29 in St. Bernard lounge at 7PM
  • Snacks provided! (Emily- contact Jane Watson)


  • 10/5-10/7
  • Number of senators: Fresh (5), Soph (3), Juniors (2), Seniors (2)
  • Affiliates also welcome!
  • Promotion: flyers & portal

Pig Roast

  • 10/12 at B&G at 4:30
  • Set up at 3:30
  • Commuters will be paid for

Happening Hour (seniors)

  • 10/25 in backstage, time TBD

Survey Question Ideas:

  • Library hours
  • Health center hours
  • Security: blue lights off campus

Date Auction

  • Different representatives from organizations on campus
  • Money goes to Annual Fund
  • Opportunity to partner with others
  • Chair: Julia Labrum

President’s Minute

  • Activities Fair- good turn out
  • NCSAM- Blackberry text tip

Meeting Minutes 8/31/10

Start: 9:17           End: 9:52

Activities Fair

  • Thursday, September 02, 2010 at 12:30 pm
  • Wear SGA shirts
  • Mandatory!

9/11 (sophomores)

  • Get permission for flags & schedule ringing of bells
  • Set up on quad- 9/9 @ 5pm
  • Next meeting: give status update & arrange meeting place/time

Freshman Forum

  • Purpose: meet freshman & introduce SGA
  • When/ where: 9/29 at 7pm, St. Bernard Lounge
  • To do: portal announcement (Christine A), reserve lounge (Kerri), posters, food
  • Next meeting: concrete outline

Pig Roast – waiting for more information

Happening Hour (seniors)

  • Has been approved
  • Who: open to all
  • When/where: Oct 25th or Nov 2st, Backstage


  • Will be held on campus, one full day
  • Special guest: Sean Hand
  • Focus on a positive push; SGA is a privilege, yet attainable

Inductions (juniors)

  • Reserve the chapel for November 13th (Nessa)
  • Dunleavy for reception

SGA branding/ reaching out

  • Be sure to  “like” facebook fan page and suggest friends
  • FYO: visit classes, discuss SGA. Purpose: promote awareness!
  • There will be one collegian rep. at every meeting. Press releases and more coverage.
  • Brainstorm questions to ask students for surveys. Participants rewarded by being entered to a raffle for small prize.


  • Member names will be emailed to chairs of committees
  • Committee meetings are VERY important, if you cannot attend find someone to take your place.

President’s Minutes

  • Questions are great, participation is encouraged
  • Office hours start ASAP (2hours/week)

Meeting Minutes February 16, 2010

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Union 301, 9:15p.m.

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:15pm

1. Prayer: Emily Ermentrout

2. Open Session: Reactions

- Overall was great for the first time! Good start to build off of for the future

- Obtained 28 surveys (opinions we never had before)

- Next time: Push Location, Location, Location!

- More Advertising for the future

- Possible posting of the survey online?

- Continuing awareness: Table at the Dining Halls/Union in the coming weeks

- Top three topics from the surveys: Parking, Security, Intermissions

3. Basketball Marathon 2010

- Corporate Sponsors: Packets out Friday, start determining who is calling who

- Publicity: $3.75/shirt – 600 shirts =$2,250 (Black and Red); arrive by March 22!

- Food: Trey and Collins Family Contact; Call Wawa to match amount of crates from last year; call Fresh Grocer, Sorrento’s (pizza), Explorers Den, The Point; Water Ice (Paige); contact Phil Snead ASAP about soda machines

- Recruitment: emails and contacts out this week! (Due date March 5th); portal announcement (Vanessa) up until March 3rd

- Entertainment: Paige contacted LaSalle Cheerleading, Explorettes (both coming); Paige also had idea to bring in her cheerleading team? Emailed 92.5XTU and Wired96.5; List of what’s accomplished and what needs to be done to Pat ASAP!

- Ryan – making schedule rotations

- Outside Volunteers (RSA – The POINT?)

4. Committee Reports

- Academic Affairs: meet next week: Concern with SGA – Senior/Junior Credit Problem presented by Ryan Yarcia

- Health Advisory: Blood Drive Sign-ups

- Student Media: Next meeting February 25th

5. President’s Minute

- Keep up the great work! Been a great semester so far, we have accomplished so much, just continue to keep up involvement throughout the rest of the year!

Meeting Ended: 9:35pm

Meeting Minutes February 9, 2010

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Union 301, 9:15p.m.

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:16pm

1. Prayer: Phil Euga

2. What we’ve accomplished thus far:

- Potholes being filled in TC/LA

- Lights on the Football Field now on until 10pm daily

- Housing issues for studying abroad students resolved

3. Open session date finalized:

- Tuesday, February 16th 12:30-2:00 – Music Room

- Wear SGA shirts!

- Surveys on tables

- Pass out squares for advertising

- Opinions: Upperclassmen – what to change/add to LaSalle or SGA; Underclassmen – what do you expect to see SGA doing

- Flyers, PPT (Vanessa)

- Portal Announcement (Ryan)

4. Basketball Marathon 2010 (March 26-27)

- Publicity: T-shirt colors determined to be black & red, 600 t-shirts by March 16; save the dates at open session; post flyers on doors to sign up teams

- Food: Phil in talks with sponsors (WaWa, ShopRite, Collins Family, Explorers Den, The Point)

- Corporate Sponsors: Packets done either Friday or Monday – mailed out ASAP

- Recruitment: List of all organization presidents to email packets out with attachment; on campus sign-ups due Friday before spring break! (March 5)

- Entertainment: Contact Dance team, Cheerleaders; TVs with March Madness Games

- Security: DSA & SGA; Talk to Dr. Moore and Anna

5. Committee Reports

- Student Media: Daily Stimulator – What to do? Take all and throw out!; LaSalle56 name change to LaSalle TV

- Funding Board: Approved proposals

6. President’s Minute

- Start thinking about elections! Running for E-board! Remember freshman can run as well J

- Formal – Saturday April 10

Meeting Ended: 9:38pm

Meeting Minutes January 26, 2010

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Union 301, 9:15pm

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:19pm

1. Prayer: Vanessa Badalamenti

2. Open Sessions dates changed

- Now: Tuesday, February 16th during free period (music room)

- Portal Announcement (Ryan)

- Sandwiches, Suggestion Box

- Start tables at B&G/Treetops Weekly, or Bi-Weekly – SPREAD AWARENESS (Sign up like office hours)

3. Activities Fair Thursday! (1-28-10)

- Election dates, Open Meeting Information

- SGA Shirts!

4. Calendar (Ryan)

- Pass out examples for January and February

- Contains all committee meetings, other events, general meetings

5. Intermissions (Stasia)

- Brainstorm at meetings of what steps to take to bring back

- Survey at open meeting?

- Students need a place to hang out on campus on weekends!

- School complains about no students on campus (b/c nothing available!)

- Discussed small survey at POINT meeting

- Tie in with suggestion box? – Tangible information to give to Dr. Moore

6. Committee Reports

- Safety & Security: headquarters moving to Good Shepherd (Counseling moving to Benilde); Gate on South Campus closed at night; lights on the field staying on now!: LA & TC potholes in the process of being fixed; Student escort service = considering it, want student input (survey!); students driving shuttles?

- Health Advisory: smoke-free campus; health center hours in discussion, difficult to stay open longer because of school’s financial status, but will be considered

7. Basketball Marathon

- Committees have to start meeting individually

- Set up meetings this week/next week!

- Packets still in progress

- Wall of Strength needs to be worked on

- Entertainment: Start making contacts!

8. President’s Minute

- Good work at committee meetings!

- Remember Activities Fair on Thursday

- Pick up shirts in office next week!

Meeting ended: 9:47 pm

Meeting Minutes January 19, 2010

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Union 301, 9:15pm

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:18 pm

1. Prayer: Christine Adkins

2. SGA Open Sessions: Two sessions instead of one

- 2 meetings

- Tuesday 2-2-10 (Free Period) & Wednesday 2-3-10 (4:30-6)

- Suggestion Box

- Write on Poster with ideas

3. Basketball Marathon Committee Appointments – Pat

- Recruitment Chair: Ryan

- Food: Phil

- Corporate Sponsors: Stasia

- Publicity: Vanessa

- Entertainment: Stasia

4. SGA Monthly Calendar – Ryan

- Each month, hand out a calendar with events, meetings, locations

- Email Ryan committee meetings and locations

- Student Press Rep: Emily

- Health Advisory: Ashley

- UCC: Vanessa

5. Constitution Revised – Stasia still working on

6. Activities Fair Thursday 1-28-10

- Dates and packets for elections

- Date for open meetings

- Flyers/pamphlets

- Save the dates for BBM!

7. Continuing work from Retreat

- Continue in full gear now

- Student Affairs: Gold Card Research, Intermissions/Point Situation; Students Helping Students (End of January next meeting); FB group? Pose questions for students to respond to

- Health Advisory: Smoke-free campus; Health Service center hours

- Safety & Security: Students Helping Students Escort Program

- Academic Affairs: Students into senior classes because of number of credits

- Food Services: Food account in Elements

8. President’s Minute

- Extreme Frisbee Team – Union Free Period 1-20-10 Free Period (Support Pat! J)

- Formal Committee: Amy and Emily

Meeting Ended: 10:01 pm

Meeting Minutes December 8, 2009

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

St. Bernard Lounge, 9:15p.m.

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:19 pm

1. Prayer – Amy Esselman

2. Basketball Marathon

- First draft of packet (Pat revise with Stasia)

- Committee assignments – Pat

3. Awareness Issues: discussion about how we are going to inform others about what SGA is working on as well as how we can gather information from students on what they would like us to work on

- Town hall meetings, information sessions

- Utilization of The Collegian (SGA Monthly section?)

- Updating the SGA website! (Have section that says ‘what we’ve done/accomplished this year, what we’re currently working on)

- Suggestion Box

- Flyers to let people know where the SGA office is, and its availability (i.e., have people at set times sit in the office for office hours)

- Go to other meetings

- POINT involvement

- Open day meeting and lunch (Set for 1-26-09, 12:30); Save the dates on every door on campus!

4. Constitution

- Submit all revisions to Stasia before break

5. Committee Reports

- Promotions: Watch Party 1:00, Saturday December 12, LaSalle v. Kansas

- Health Advisory: Continuing discussion about smoke-free campus

- Student Affairs: Brought up top 3 topics we discussed at Retreat to Dr. Moore – Closing of Intermissions/Food Court Hours; Gold Card at Shoppes at LaSalle; “Students Helping Students” Program with Security

- The Point & Explorers Den have become more accessible, but the issue still lies with

security and the hours; unavailable to grad students with late classes

- Hours on campus: cut because of budget

- No Intermissions currently because of opening of Explorers Den & The Point

- Do research on other schools!

- Create a student survey on opinion of Union closing at night

- Intermissions and Food Court Hours: Ashley

- Gold Card at Shoppes/What other schools do: Trevor (e.g., Penn)

-“ Students Helping Students”: Security and Safety committee (CJ & Pat); looking to

bring back to LaSalle community

- Pat: Students involved in Study Abroad Program have no right to enter in Housing Selection Process because of being away for a semester

- SGA needs to be involved in changing this!

- University says they have to “fill beds”

- Students going abroad and who are currently abroad are completely unaware – make

known to the LaSalle Community!

- Find out the number of students it is really affecting

- SGA & Dr. Moore

- Pat = POINT Person! Email Dr. Moore to fight this, find out what SGA’s role would be;

research other schools!

6. President’s Minute

- Committee work – so important

Good luck on finals everyone!

Meeting Ended: 9:52

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