Mission and Virtues

Mission Statement:
To protect our individual interests, collective actions, to protect our rights as students in a free community, to maintain academic freedom, academic responsibilities and students’ rights; and to unite us in the pursuit of our common goals.
Lasallian Virtues:

The following are the Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher, as outlined by St. John Baptist de La Salle, and their definitions:

Gravity (seriousness) – A person who demonstrates gravity says nothing which is bitter, stinging, supercilious, crude or offensive to anyone. This person is convinced that gravity, modesty and reserve do not exclude kindness or tender affection. The goal of this person is far from seeking students to fear him or her, but his/her main aim is to win his/her students confidence.

Silence – This person avoids talking when he/she must not speak and speaks when he/she should not be silent.

Humility – This characteristic is directly opposed to pride, which gives us an unjustly exalted notion of our own excellence. This person is talented but does not draw attention to him/herself or draw attention to his/her accomplishments but acts in a way that will bring honor to God and others.

Prudence – This person understands what he/she needs to do and what he/she needs to avoid. This person is deliberately carefully, judges rightly, and orders all things properly.

Wisdom – This person guides students to distinguish what is truly good from what is such only in appearance and leads them to choose rightly and to persevere in every enlightened choice.

Patience – This person does not have outbursts in trying occasions and accepts without complain all the ills that befall her/him.

Reserve – This person thinks, speaks, and acts with moderation, discretion and modesty, controlling her/himself in circumstances where he/she might grow angry or upset.

Gentleness – This person displays goodness, sensitivity, and tenderness. This person shows the perfection of charity not only through patience, but is over and above meek and good-nature.

Zeal – This person instructs her/his students by her/his good example.

Vigilance – This person is diligent and painstaking in fulfilling his/her duties.

Piety – This person fulfills worthily her/his duties towards God and guides students in understanding moral virtues.

Generosity – This person sacrifices voluntarily his/her personal interests to those of his/her colleagues or neighbor

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