About SGA

The Students’ Government Association is a one-of-a-kind governing organization at La Salle University, comprised of an executive board, twenty senators, and affiliates. Our goal as an organization is to effectively represent La Salle students’ diverse opinions and advocate for changes throughout the university that will better serve and bring together the student body. Each year, twenty senators are elected by their classmates to represent their peers’ thoughts on university-wide committees, providing a valuable new perspective to the university’s administration. SGA currently represents the student body on over ten university committees spanning from academic affairs to safety and security to food services.

Take some time browsing through the documents attached and get to know your SGA a little better. View our Constitution, the document that governs our day-to-day operations as an organization. Read our newly revised Election Code and prepare yourself to run for a Senate position. Skim our goals for the upcoming year and think about the La Sallian values that we continually attempt to exhibit as students of this university.

Then, contact us. Come to a general meeting. Run for a position. Get involved in a dynamic and ever-expanding organization that exists only to serve La Salle’s student body and make each and every student’s experience at La Salle something they will cherish for years afterward.

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