Meeting Minutes 11/26/2010

SGA Meeting

November 16, 2010

Start: 9:27

2nd annual Dance-a-thon (service trips)

Friday, December 10th

35th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner (11/17)

Volunteers needed

Student Appreciation Day

Thursday, December 2nd, from 12-2pm

4 stations: union (t shirts), library (rice krispie treats), B&G and Treetops (save-the-dates, sga info, raffles) *note: 7 raffles will be given away to Facebook participants

Promotion/ responsibilities- collegian (Lexi), chalking(*GET PERMISSION*), table tents, posters(Christine B), dorm flyers(Christine A), portal announcement(Christine A), save-the-dates (Christine A), suggestion box (Lexi)

SGA Formal

Tentative date: January 29th

2 reps to work with Ambassadors: John O and Lindsey C

Heritage Week ideas

Student organization poster contest

Ideas for an activity student can do during free period

Basketball Marathon

March 25th at 3pm!

Committees should meet on a weekly basis!

Committee Reports

Issues brought to food services: variety in choices, napkin box (students can offer suggestions), healthier choices, holiday hours to be distributed to students)

President’s Minute

Christmas card picture being taken on the 11/29! (Black sunglasses and Santa hats!)