SGA Retreat Minutes

Students’ Government Association Retreat

November 6, 2010

Major campus issues:

                Security (lack of)

                Facilities (working equipment)

                Aesthetics (looking like a “college campus”)

                Meals (times for dining halls, food selection, costs of meals, meal plan variety)

                Wireless campus**

                Library (computers, printers, hours)

                Lab hours

                Athletic facilities

                Drugs on campus

                Health center hours       


Expanding ideas:

  1. Security
    1. Possible forum with students, SGA  to meet with Art Grover
    2. Assemble a packet of security responsibilities
    3. Set shuttle schedule and distribute, post at stops
    4. Online security report form
    5. Plan a ride-along (SGA rep reports to The Collegian)
  2. Food services
    1. Survey students: Meal plan options *partner with food services
    2. More options for commuters
    3. Union operating hours
  3. Social life on campus
    1. Bar on/off campus
    2. Better venues on weekends
    3. Master Academic  Affairs calendar



                Committees that have not yet met MUST meet ASAP, email contacts

SGA suggestion box on the Portal (email us with comments/concerns, easily accessed via La Salle University webpage.

Basketball Marathon!


                When do we get word out? Send out “Save the Dates”?

                Early & effective promotion (t shirts for SGA members?)

                FIND BASKETBALL SUIT!


                Potential activities (aside from basketball)

                “Watch parties”

                Dunk/ Free throw contest

                                *Use as a “time filler” during marathon

                                *Use as a promotion tool

                Coin drop

                Tarot card/palm readings, hypnotists

                Ending “show”


                Goal: get enough teams to fill a 24 hour marathon

                Reach out to various organizations

                Kick off game: faculty v SGA

                Ask SGAs from local colleges and universities        


                Energy drink sponsors

                Work with Advancement when sending packets!**

Student Appreciation Day!

                “Thanks for Being YOU!”

*Increase SGA brand and recognition

*Hand out free shirts!


                -possible locations:

                                Union, 20th and Olney, Lobby of buildings

                -possible hand-outs:

T-Shirts, pens, hot chocolate, “SGA hearts YOU” sticker/tattoos, food, lanyard,  keychains, business cards, SUGGESTION BOX, candy canes,


-banners, side walk chalk, wear an SGA shirt and be entered in a raffle, prizes given to students for commenting/liking SGA facebook status, take a picture with Snap, Crackle and Pop!


                                -Kyra for tables