Meeting Minutes 8/31/10

Start: 9:17           End: 9:52

Activities Fair

  • Thursday, September 02, 2010 at 12:30 pm
  • Wear SGA shirts
  • Mandatory!

9/11 (sophomores)

  • Get permission for flags & schedule ringing of bells
  • Set up on quad- 9/9 @ 5pm
  • Next meeting: give status update & arrange meeting place/time

Freshman Forum

  • Purpose: meet freshman & introduce SGA
  • When/ where: 9/29 at 7pm, St. Bernard Lounge
  • To do: portal announcement (Christine A), reserve lounge (Kerri), posters, food
  • Next meeting: concrete outline

Pig Roast – waiting for more information

Happening Hour (seniors)

  • Has been approved
  • Who: open to all
  • When/where: Oct 25th or Nov 2st, Backstage


  • Will be held on campus, one full day
  • Special guest: Sean Hand
  • Focus on a positive push; SGA is a privilege, yet attainable

Inductions (juniors)

  • Reserve the chapel for November 13th (Nessa)
  • Dunleavy for reception

SGA branding/ reaching out

  • Be sure to  “like” facebook fan page and suggest friends
  • FYO: visit classes, discuss SGA. Purpose: promote awareness!
  • There will be one collegian rep. at every meeting. Press releases and more coverage.
  • Brainstorm questions to ask students for surveys. Participants rewarded by being entered to a raffle for small prize.


  • Member names will be emailed to chairs of committees
  • Committee meetings are VERY important, if you cannot attend find someone to take your place.

President’s Minutes

  • Questions are great, participation is encouraged
  • Office hours start ASAP (2hours/week)