Meeting Minutes February 9, 2010

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Union 301, 9:15p.m.

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:16pm

1. Prayer: Phil Euga

2. What we’ve accomplished thus far:

Potholes being filled in TC/LA

Lights on the Football Field now on until 10pm daily

Housing issues for studying abroad students resolved

3. Open session date finalized:

Tuesday, February 16th 12:30-2:00 – Music Room

Wear SGA shirts!

Surveys on tables

Pass out squares for advertising

Opinions: Upperclassmen – what to change/add to LaSalle or SGA; Underclassmen – what do you expect to see SGA doing

Flyers, PPT (Vanessa)

Portal Announcement (Ryan)

4. Basketball Marathon 2010 (March 26-27)

Publicity: T-shirt colors determined to be black & red, 600 t-shirts by March 16; save the dates at open session; post flyers on doors to sign up teams

Food: Phil in talks with sponsors (WaWa, ShopRite, Collins Family, Explorers Den, The Point)

Corporate Sponsors: Packets done either Friday or Monday – mailed out ASAP

Recruitment: List of all organization presidents to email packets out with attachment; on campus sign-ups due Friday before spring break! (March 5)

Entertainment: Contact Dance team, Cheerleaders; TVs with March Madness Games

Security: DSA & SGA; Talk to Dr. Moore and Anna

5. Committee Reports

Student Media: Daily Stimulator – What to do? Take all and throw out!; LaSalle56 name change to LaSalle TV

Funding Board: Approved proposals

6. President’s Minute

Start thinking about elections! Running for E-board! Remember freshman can run as well J

Formal – Saturday April 10

Meeting Ended: 9:38pm