Meeting Minutes February 16, 2010

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Union 301, 9:15p.m.

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:15pm

1. Prayer: Emily Ermentrout

2. Open Session: Reactions

Overall was great for the first time! Good start to build off of for the future

Obtained 28 surveys (opinions we never had before)

Next time: Push Location, Location, Location!

More Advertising for the future

Possible posting of the survey online?

Continuing awareness: Table at the Dining Halls/Union in the coming weeks

Top three topics from the surveys: Parking, Security, Intermissions

3. Basketball Marathon 2010

Corporate Sponsors: Packets out Friday, start determining who is calling who

Publicity: $3.75/shirt – 600 shirts =$2,250 (Black and Red); arrive by March 22!

Food: Trey and Collins Family Contact; Call Wawa to match amount of crates from last year; call Fresh Grocer, Sorrento’s (pizza), Explorers Den, The Point; Water Ice (Paige); contact Phil Snead ASAP about soda machines

Recruitment: emails and contacts out this week! (Due date March 5th); portal announcement (Vanessa) up until March 3rd

Entertainment: Paige contacted LaSalle Cheerleading, Explorettes (both coming); Paige also had idea to bring in her cheerleading team? Emailed 92.5XTU and Wired96.5; List of what’s accomplished and what needs to be done to Pat ASAP!

Ryan – making schedule rotations

Outside Volunteers (RSA – The POINT?)

4. Committee Reports

Academic Affairs: meet next week: Concern with SGA – Senior/Junior Credit Problem presented by Ryan Yarcia

Health Advisory: Blood Drive Sign-ups

Student Media: Next meeting February 25th

5. President’s Minute

Keep up the great work! Been a great semester so far, we have accomplished so much, just continue to keep up involvement throughout the rest of the year!

Meeting Ended: 9:35pm