Meeting Minutes January 26, 2010

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Union 301, 9:15pm

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:19pm

1. Prayer: Vanessa Badalamenti

2. Open Sessions dates changed

Now: Tuesday, February 16th during free period (music room)

Portal Announcement (Ryan)

Sandwiches, Suggestion Box

Start tables at B&G/Treetops Weekly, or Bi-Weekly – SPREAD AWARENESS (Sign up like office hours)

3. Activities Fair Thursday! (1-28-10)

Election dates, Open Meeting Information

SGA Shirts!

4. Calendar (Ryan)

Pass out examples for January and February

Contains all committee meetings, other events, general meetings

5. Intermissions (Stasia)

Brainstorm at meetings of what steps to take to bring back

Survey at open meeting?

Students need a place to hang out on campus on weekends!

School complains about no students on campus (b/c nothing available!)

Discussed small survey at POINT meeting

Tie in with suggestion box? – Tangible information to give to Dr. Moore

6. Committee Reports

Safety & Security: headquarters moving to Good Shepherd (Counseling moving to Benilde); Gate on South Campus closed at night; lights on the field staying on now!: LA & TC potholes in the process of being fixed; Student escort service = considering it, want student input (survey!); students driving shuttles?

Health Advisory: smoke-free campus; health center hours in discussion, difficult to stay open longer because of school’s financial status, but will be considered

7. Basketball Marathon

Committees have to start meeting individually

Set up meetings this week/next week!

Packets still in progress

Wall of Strength needs to be worked on

Entertainment: Start making contacts!

8. President’s Minute

Good work at committee meetings!

Remember Activities Fair on Thursday

Pick up shirts in office next week!

Meeting ended: 9:47 pm