Meeting Minutes January 19, 2010

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Union 301, 9:15pm

Meeting called to order by Stasia Ford: 9:18 pm

1. Prayer: Christine Adkins

2. SGA Open Sessions: Two sessions instead of one

2 meetings

Tuesday 2-2-10 (Free Period) & Wednesday 2-3-10 (4:30-6)

Suggestion Box

Write on Poster with ideas

3. Basketball Marathon Committee Appointments – Pat

Recruitment Chair: Ryan

Food: Phil

Corporate Sponsors: Stasia

Publicity: Vanessa

Entertainment: Stasia

4. SGA Monthly Calendar – Ryan

Each month, hand out a calendar with events, meetings, locations

Email Ryan committee meetings and locations

Student Press Rep: Emily

Health Advisory: Ashley

UCC: Vanessa

5. Constitution Revised – Stasia still working on

6. Activities Fair Thursday 1-28-10

Dates and packets for elections

Date for open meetings


Save the dates for BBM!

7. Continuing work from Retreat

Continue in full gear now

Student Affairs: Gold Card Research, Intermissions/Point Situation; Students Helping Students (End of January next meeting); FB group? Pose questions for students to respond to

Health Advisory: Smoke-free campus; Health Service center hours

Safety & Security: Students Helping Students Escort Program

Academic Affairs: Students into senior classes because of number of credits

Food Services: Food account in Elements

8. President’s Minute

Extreme Frisbee Team – Union Free Period 1-20-10 Free Period (Support Pat! J)

Formal Committee: Amy and Emily

Meeting Ended: 10:01 pm