Meeting Minutes January 27, 2009

SGA Meeting

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

 Union 301 – 9:15p.m.


Meeting called to order by Andrew Fox – 9:18p.m.


Ø      Guest: Debby Reis – “Team In Training”

o       Fundraising for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

o       Will contact her by the end of this week if we can help her out for cause

Ø      Office Hours are mandatory

Ø      Committee Reports – Student Press

o       Student Press will now be known as Student Media Committee

o       Will now have written policies for committee

o       Will decrease number of students within committee to only two SGA students

o       Eliminating service of providing allergy shots to students; there has been a wide increase and doctors are not at the Health Center enough days of the week to administer the procedure

o       Disciplinary records will now be kept by the university for 7 years as opposed to 5 years – References purposes

Ø      Basketball Marathon: Chairpersons (Kerri Slavin, Kathryn Feld, Greg Torchiana)

o       Break up into different committees

o       Phone Script made for SGA to make during office hours to surrounding businesses and sponsors in Philadelphia area