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What is RSA?

Our Mission

The resident students of La Salle University, in order to unite as a body for the organization and coordination of all concerns surrounding resident life; to establish the best possible living standards; and combine our resources to improve the social, cultural, recreational, and intellectual atmosphere within the residence halls, townhouses, and apartments.

What does RSA stand for?

Resident Student Association


What is the motto of RSA?

Making La Salle our Second Home.


But how do you plan to replace my real home?

Our aim is to make your time here on La Salle’s campus as enjoyable as possible by putting on fun events and by ensuring that any residential concerns are met with careful attention.


What does RSA do

RSA at La Salle University has two main functions, to represent resident students on university committees addressing any and all residential concerns, and to provide programming for students while they reside on campus.

So what kinds of residential concerns are we talking about here?

Concerns RSA has helped to address in the past range from things relating to safety and security to physical facilities concerns and even to things such as the guest policy.

And what about programming?

Examples of our programming successes in the past include The Price is Right game show, where we have given away over $2000 dollars in prizes, Minute to Win It, Labor Day BBQ,  Rave On La Salle, Murder Mystery Dinner, and the long standing traditions of Carnifall on Homecoming Weekend. We have also done smaller things like bus trips to Medieval Times, midnight coffee and doughnuts during finals, and hosted capture the flag on main campus.

I have a concern or programming idea. Who can I take it to?

You can try your  area government board, GAM, or directly to the executive board through Marie Wheatly, the Director of Area Relations, at wheatlym1@student.lasalle.edu. It typically depends on the scale of the idea that you have on who the best group to go to would be.

So who makes up RSA?

That is a good question! The short answer is everyone who is a resident student does, making us the largest group on campus, but RSA has many levels to its structure.


What are these levels you speak of?

RSA has an executive board which is made up of 9 or more members, then there are the 6 area governments, each with its own local board of approximately 9 or more members. Also, each floor or wing also has floor senators. The executive board handles most of the less exciting stuff like meeting with committees, and works with the whole campus in mind. The area governments work for their areas most of the time, but sometimes put on campus wide programs as well, and the floor senators represent just their floor or wing so that the things that they want to happen can.

Who makes up the area governments?

The area governments are made up of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, programmer, and publicity person just like the executive board. They are all elected near the middle of September. The executive board has one member at each area board’s meeting, but each area operates independently from the executive board. Each area also has an advisor.

Elected you say? Who, what, and where?

The executive board facilitates the election for each area government and all are invited to participate. Anyone can run for any position and everyone should vote, but you can only participate in the elections of your own area. The elections are a simple drop-down format which means that we start by voting for a president, so anyone that wants to run for president does, the winner is the president, and those that didn’t  win can run for another position, and so on. There is no limit to how many times you can run.

Why would I want to run?

The area governments are in some ways more important than the executive board because they can provide more specific programming for a particular area, and also because they live in the areas that they represent and can, by sheer time spent in the area, know more about. Also, it looks good on a resume to have leadership experience that RSA provides.


Can I get involved without running?

Absolutely! Just by voting in an election you are getting involved. Also you can be an idea person and contribute to discussions, as well as voicing concerns. Anytime you have an idea or concern you can bring it to your  area government, GAM, or the executive board.


What is this GAM you keep mentioning?

GAM stands for General Assembly Meetings and it meets every Tuesday in the St. George Lounge at 9:15pm. These meetings typically begin halfway through September and run until the end of the school year.


And what does GAM do?

GAM hears concerns and also has approximately $2000-2500 per semester to give out to organizations, RAs, area governments, and ad-hoc groups on a discretionary basis. It is a fun relaxed meeting.

Who goes to GAM?

That answer has two parts. The easy part is that GAM is open to everyone on campus. We like to meet new people, see new faces, and hear what you have to say, so if you are free on Tuesday nights you should come by once in a while and hang out. The longer answer is that the two GAM reps from each area government and 6 of the executive board members are the voting members of GAM. This means that if you come with a concern or a proposal for funding you wont be eligible to vote, sorry.

How do I go about submitting a proposal for funding?

You need to contact Achraf Khattabi and let him know that you are planning on coming. He might ask you a few questions or could just tell you to come on a particular date. On the night of your proposal you should bring at least 20 copies of a formal written proposal that you will need to present it to GAM. If you have never prepared a proposal in the past, Achraf Khattabi is also available to help guide you through this.


What if I have more questions about GAM that you didn’t answer?

Send all GAM related questions to our Executive Vice President, Achraf Khattabi


What if I don’t want to talk to Achraf, or I have other RSA questions not related to GAM?

We assure you that Achraf is a good person to ask questions, but you can also contact the President, John Newhouse,  at newhousej1@student.lasalle.edu




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