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Executive Board 2014-2015


Megan Hanna, President

Hey, La Salle! My name is Megan Hanna, and I am the President of the RSA! I am a senior nursing major from Jackson, NJ. In addition to RSA, I work in the Chapel, I sing at Evensong weekly & in the Chapel Choir, I am the chair of the Retreat Planning Committee, a member for the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and was a member of Project Appalachia last year (and hope to go again this year, too!). I am extremely excited to serve as RSA president this year, and I have no doubt that our e-board will fulfill our mission of making La Salle our second home. If there is anything that we can do to better your on-campus experience here at La Salle, please feel free to e-mail me at hannam3@student.lasalle.edu. See you around!


Vice President

Hey La Salle!​ My name is Marie Wheatley and I am a junior History major with a minor in Education and American Studies. I have been involved with the Resident Student Association since my first year here at La Salle! This year I serve as the Vice President on the Executive Board. Besides RSA, I am also President of The Histories, a resident assistant in St. Francis, and student manager of Administrative Services. I love La Salle very much and recommend that everyone gets involved as much as possible! On behalf of RSA I hope that we help make La Salle your “second home”! 


Susan Casillo, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Greetings La Salle! My name is Susie Casillo and I am a senior Speech Pathology major with minors in English and Psychology. A former Programmer, this year I am switching roles to VP of Internal Affairs, otherwise known as the super Secretary! When I am not taking the minutes or helping plan events, I enjoy my job at the Writing Center, my work with the Honors Board, attending NSSLHA meetings, and living life as an RA in St. Neumann. La Salle is my home away from home, and I hope everyone else feels this way too!!


Christie McLaughlin, Vice President of Financial Affairs

My name is Christie McLaughlin, and I am a junior Secondary Education English major/ History minor currently living in St. Miguel Townhouses. I have been a member of the Resident Student Association since freshman year where I served as a General Assembly Meeting Representative. I served on the Executive Board as a Co-Programmer my sophomore year, and I am currently the Treasurer for the 2014-2015 Executive Board.  I spent my summer working for Max Myer’s Day Camp, and I loved every minute of it! At school I work for the LaSalle Phonathon, and I am involved with the Yearbook. In my spare time I like reading, watching any TV show that is produced by the BBC or involves fairytales, playing volleyball, and trying to improve my cooking skills!​


Anna Marchetti, Director of Area Board Relations 

Ciao La Salle! My name is Anna Marchetti and I am a Sophomore Economics and French double major with a minor in Italian. Last year I was President of St. Katherine’s RSA board, and this year I have the honor to be the Area Board Relations Director for the E-board. As such, I am here to help all Area Boards be successful at creating a home away from home environment for their residents, be their go-to-person for any questions or issues, and assure that the E-board and Area Boards are up to date with one another. In my spare time I am also an AIDS outreach coordinator, an RA in St. Katherine’s dorm, a tutor for the Tutoring Center, an avid music listener and photo taker. RSA is a wonderful association that creates opportunities for students to engage with other peers, meet new people, program, and have a lot of fun!

la salle id

Hi everyone! My name is Anne Brewer, I’m currently a sophomore here at La Salle, and am a marketing and finance duel major in La Salle’s School of Business. But, more importantly, I’m one of the co-programmers for the Resident Student Association Executive Board as well as the mentor for the St. Basil’s Area Board!  There are a few things about myself that I think are relatively important to know, and first and foremost is that I believe that a smile is one of the most powerful and life-saving techniques that a human possesses. That is why you’ll see me smiling at just about anyone. Going out of your way to be kind never hurt a soul, which is why you’ll always find me embracing that.  Second, I love meeting new people. Literally, I love talking to everyone and anyone. I will talk to people on the subway. On the street corner, in the library, on the steps outside Wister Hall. You name it, and I can guarantee you that I have met and chatted with someone there. Being outgoing is a trait that I am thankful for, because there are so many interesting people out there, and just not enough time to hear all of their stories.  Lastly, I am involved in too many organizations and in too many extracurricular activities, and often find myself questioning and crying about my life choices while I’m up at three in the morning finishing homework. But, I never regret it at the end of the day, and always encourage people to get involved whenever and wherever they can!  If you ever have any questions about RSA or anything at all (about life, La Salle, what you should get from Happy Fortune) please never hesitate to ask! Here’s hoping you have a successful and exciting school year!


Jenny Van, Director of Publicity

Hello everybody! My name is Jenny Van and I am a sophomore International Business and Marketing major with a minor in Digital Arts. Other than being the Co-Director of Publicity for RSA, I’m also the Treasurer for the Asian-American Students’ Intercultural Association. I am ambidextrous, a drinker of too much coffee, proficient in the Chinese language, an internet addict and a shower lover. I enjoy eating Chipotle while binge-watching Netflix. I hope to make La Salle a warm second home for myself and everyone!

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