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Area Boards

Area Elections

Building Short Name Date of Election Election Location
Sts. Albert, Cassian, Jerome, Hilary, Bernard, George, Dennis CABDGJH    
St. Miguel, Theresa Court, La Salle Apartments TCLAM   Miguel Community Center
St. Neumann Hall Neumann   Neumann Lounge
St. Basil Hall Basils   Basil Main Lounge
Sts. Edward and Francis Halls E&F   E&F Main Lounge
St. Katharine Hall Katharine   Katharine Main Lounge (2nd Floor)

Area Positions

Heres a listing and description of all the positions available to run for.


The President is responsible for running the area’s executive board meetings and setting the agendas for each meeting. He/She oversees both the executive board and floor senators and works closely with the area advisor


The Vice-President will run the area’s general meetings, when the executive board, floor senators, and other students meet to discuss area needs. He/She also fills in for the President as needed and acts as the President’s right hand.


The Secretary is responsible for an accurate record of all discussions, decisions, and votes at all area general meetings and area executive board meetings. He/she should also keep and up-to-date member contact list and also maintains attendance records.


The Treasurer ensures that the area’s funds are being spent appropriately and accurately. He/She is responsible for keeping complete and precise records of all the financial decisions of the board. The Treasurer is also responsible for making sure that all area members are reimbursed in a timely manner.

Area Delegates (GAM Reps) – 2 Required

There are TWO area delegates who report to the General Assembly meeting from each area. The GAM Reps must be available to attend the General Assembly Meeting on Tuesdays at 9:15pm in addition to their area meetings. The GAM Reps act as their link between their respective area government and the Campus wide board. They serve as the voice of their area by voting on proposals that come to the General Assembly during the year. They also report on what is going on in their area and take back information on what is going on in other areas.

Programming Coordinator (could be more then 1)

The Programming Coordinator is the point persona for all programs that the area government runs. He/She makes the calls to outside vendors, on campus office, or any other person or agency that must be contacted in order to run a successful program. This position is great for anyone who is creative and likes to bring new ideas into fruition.

Publicity Coordinator

The Publicity Coordinator is the person in charge of creating advertisements and promotions for all events sponsored by the area government. They ensure that word is being spread about programming and other activities. This position is also good for a creative person, especially one who excels at design and/or computer usage.

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