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The Pre-Law Program’s resource center is located in Olney Hall room 355.

This is a space for the Pre-Law Students of La Salle University to use for study, for discussion, for reading, and more. The office will be open five days a week from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm so it is available while you have coffee, between classes, during lunch or free period, after practice, on a free afternoon, or just to hang out.

The office has been stocked with a wealth of materials from the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) for every type of student — typical students, minority students, and students needing accommodations.

The collection includes:

  • Information on a wide range of potential legal careers and various questions which arise about the practice of law.
  • Information on a wide range of law schools including the Guide to ABA Approved Law Schools
  • LSAT Preparation mterials, including manuals and guides from Kaplan, Princeton Review, LSAC, and Morrison.
  • Copies of over 40 actual LSAT Examinations for practice purposes

(NOTE: With the exception of a copy of the LSAT LSDAS Information Book, which you may take, please use all other resource materials in the office, which will be open five days a week.)

The following index will help you navigate the collection:


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2008-2009 LSAT LSDAS Information Book

(Free copies — please take one)

Important information on the LSAT, the law school admissions process. Every junior and senior contemplating law school should have and should read this booklet.

NAPLA Pre-Law Guide for Students

A must read; chapters include “Exploring Your Interest in Law,” “Understanding Admissions Criteria,” “Personal Statements,” “Financing Law School,” and much more. Three copies are in the Pre-Law Office in Olney 355 OR you can go on- line to the NAPLA web site and print out your own copy, it is approximately 25 pages. Prepared by the Northeastern Association of Pre-Law Advisors there is something for everyone in this Guide.

NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Law School Lists, 2008-2009 Edition

Information not found anywhere else, 750 pages including lists of Law School Academic Programs, Summer Programs, Evening Programs, Clinical Programs by Area of Speciality, plus lists of law school publications open to student participation, schools offering one year deferrals for accepted students, and schools offering on-campus housing. Be sure to review the table of contents.

ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approvel Law Schools, 2009 Edition

An indispensible reference for all law school candidates, the 12 opening chapters cover issues from “Becoming a Lawyer” to “Choosing a Law School,” “Opportunties in Law for Minority Men and Women” and “Pro Bono Legal Services.”

Contains 800 pages on all ABA Approved Law Schools from The University of Akron School of Law to Yale Law School. The Guide can be accessed on-line and the on-line edition often has more current admissions statistics than does the printed copy.

Get Into LAW SCHOOL: A Strategic Approach, 2nd Edition,Ruth Lammert-Reeves (Kaplan)

Includes 20 chapters addressing issues from “Evaluating Law Schools” to “Your Application Timeline,” “Borrowing the Money,” and “Students with Disabilities.”

Best 170 Law Schools, 2007 Edition, Eric Owens (Princeton Review)

First 12 chapters (45 pages) address issues like “Writing a Great Personal Statement,” “Law School 101” and “Career Matters;” followed by lists of law schools ranked by category, such as, “Best Academic Experience,” “Most Competitive Students,” or “Best Quality of Life;” with two page profiles on most of the ABA approved law schools.

Law School Confidential: A Complete Guide to the Law School Experience, Robert Miller

Written by students for students, it takes you from “Thinking about law School” to “A Brief Review of the First Year Curriculum” to “Job Interviewing” during second and third year.

Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success, Second Edition, Helene and Marshall Shapo

This little 200 page book includes discussions of “Briefing a Case,” “Legal Reasoning,” “Interpreting Language,” “Studying and Reviewing,” “Exams,” and “It’s a Mind Game: Pyschological Tips for the Study of Law.”

Seven White Three Ring Binders (containing collected articles by topic, see separate Index to Materials in Binders)


  • Volume 1 – Law School Admissions Process / Start Early / Dos and Don’ts
  • Volume 2 – The LSAT Exam / What Does it Test and How Do I Prepare?
  • Volume 3 – Choosing a Law School / What Are My Goals, Where Will I Excel?
  • Volume 4 – One L / Law School The First Year / What to Expect
  • Volume 5 – Areas of Legal Practice / What Can I Do With a Law Degree?
  • Volume 6 – Law as a Profession / The Life of a Lawyer: Pros and Cons
  • Volume 7 – Financing Law School
  • Prelaw: A National Jurist Publication, all issues since Fall 2006


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2008-2009 LSAT LSDAS Information Book

Contains samples of all three types of LSAT multiple choice questions with explanations of how to decode the correct answer plus a complete sample LSAT

The Official LSAT SuperPrep, LSAC

Two copies

Cracking the LSAT, 2009 Edition, Princeton Review

Two copies

LSAT Secrets: Study Guide, Morrison Media

LSAT Comprehensive Program, 2009 Edition, Kaplan

LSAT Logic Games Workbook, Second Edition, Kaplan

LSAT Lesson Book, 2008 Edition, Kaplan

Flashcard Secrets, Morrison Media

Separate flashcards for Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension

(NOTE: All of the recent LSAT examinations which have been released by LSAC are on order and will be available for practice sessions, additional copies of LSAT Answer Sheets are also available in the Office.)

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