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President: TBA

Advisor: Mary Ellen Balchunis-Harris


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The mission of Pi Sigma Alpha is to recognize the scholastic achievements of students in political science courses while simultaneously promoting interest in political science on a department and university-wide basis. In addition, the organization will promote respect for our University and community through knowledge.

The purpose and goals of Pi Sigma Alpha at La Salle University are:

a. to operate and maintain a political science honor society;

b. to promote worthwhile curricular and extracurricular activities related to political science;

c. to stimulate scholarship and intelligent interest in political science;

d. to promote, organize and conduct discussion groups, study groups, lectures and publications in the area of political science;

e. to engage in all such activities and to take such other measures as may be necessary or appropriate to further the foregoing purposes;

f. to promote discussion on political action in accordance of the values and mission of La Salle University;

g. to act in accordance with the purpose and goals of La Salle University.

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