Hola amigos,

The Organization of Latin American Students, OLAS is opening up all Executive Board positions.

Being part of the e-board will give you the opportunity to plan fun cultural events, meet new people, and gain leadership and organizational experience! We need people willing to commit themselves to help improve a growing club. If you are interested in developing and promoting awareness and understanding of Latin culture and believe you have the passion and dedication to be part of the OLAS executive board apply today!

>> Application

Candidate Application:

Form past due.

>> Timeline/Voting



  • On March 28, 2014 an email will be sent to every member in the OLAS email announcing that OLAS is running elections for all Executive board positions.
  • Election process will be explained in that email.
  • The responsibilities of each office position will also be explained.


  • On March 28, 2014 elections will officially be open and they will close at midnight on April 7, 2014.
  • Every person interested in a position will go to the OLAS website and submit their paragraph of information and answer the questions.


  • The week of April 7, 2014 candidates will be announced on the website and through email.


  • On April 14, 2014 all OLAS members will meet the candidates in person.
  • Voting through the website will begin.
  • Voting will be open to all.


  • OLAS members will have one week to go on the OLAS website and vote for the person they think will best fulfill the position.
  • Member voting will end on April 19, 2014 at midnight.


  • OLAS E-Board will then meet and vote on the fulfillment of positions.


  • On the week of April 21, 2014 the new E-Board will be announced.


  • After elections the new & old E-Board will meet. The meeting will be to train the new E-Board and answer any questions they might have.

*While the president is responsible for initiating all activities/ actions of the organization and ensuring their fruitful conclusion, he/she does not shoulder all detailing duties.

Each member of the e-board must be a self-starter, capable of completing tasks and accomplishing goals independently. Once an activity is planned or a decision to undertake sponsorship of an event is made, a complete list of duties to be completed must be compiled by the e-board.



  • Responsible for all functions of the organization and is the “external spokesperson” of the group who regularly interacts with other student organizations and University officials.
  • Acts as a leader and delegates responsibilities to E-board and OLAS representatives.
  • Prepares meeting agenda and facilitates meetings.
  • Responsible for actions taken by members in an event or activity sponsored by OLAS.
  • Submitting a semester and annual report of student organization activities.
  • Must maintain contact and report all activities directly to the organizational advisor.
  • Setting goals for the organization.
  • Ensure all events run smoothly.
  • In charge of overseeing all other member activities and is the one to whom all the other officers must report.

*Vice President

Vice President:

  • Direct assistant of the president.
  • Should over see and perform all activities and meetings in the absence of the president.
  • Will take over the secretary’s duties in his/her absence.
  • Maintain a hard and electronic copy of the constitution and renew the constitution as necessary.
  • Should maintain continuous contact with the President.
  • Must be up-to-date on all student organization communication and events.
  • Assists the President with the oversight of the student organization including fundraising, event planning, etc.
  • Works with the student organization’s Treasurer to prepare an annual budget.
  • Scheduling locations for meetings and events
  • Coordinate student organization fundraising efforts with the Treasurer.
  • Performs other duties as directed by the president.



  • Maintains a written record of all meetings and attendance.
  • Responsible for keeping a written and or electronic record of all official business transacted at the meeting and must forward a copy to the president.
  • Informs all members of any change of agenda.
  • Keep updated lists of all active and current members of OLAS including necessary information.
  • Post meeting notes on the website.
  • Maintains a running calendar of upcoming events, meetings, projects, and deadlines.
  • Maintains the OLAS binder (agendas, sign-in sheets, meeting notes, monthly reports, budget from treasurer, and all other paperwork associated with the organization.
  • Notifies and reminds members of upcoming meetings and events.



  • Responsible for all monetary transactions for this organization.
  • All funds and dues are to be collected by the treasurer and allocated to the proper account.
  • Keep and exact amount of all receipts and expenditures and forward a copy to the president.
  • Report financial situation.
  • Prepares an annual organization budget.
  • Keeps all financial records of the organization.
  • Prepares all budget requests for funds.
  • Coordinates fundraising drive.
  • Keep a record of all transactions.
  • The treasurer must receive written authorization from the organizational adviser before any purchase may be made, and the president must also agree.

*Public Relations

Public Relations:

  • Responsible for creating and publicizing information pertaining to OLAS with the help of the E-board and representatives.
  • This responsibility also includes the publicity of all meetings, events and activities by means of email, newsletter, flyers, posters, Facebook page, OLAS website etc.
  • Will be in charge of creating committees to help publicize large events.
  • In charge of promoting OLAS at activities fair.