About Us

OLAS was founded in 1992 by a few students interested in learning about the Latino culture as well as developing into future Latino leaders able to contribute to the community in a positive way. OLAS has grown tremendously over the last decade. It has gone from a Latino Organization group to a diverse organization that continues to grow stronger in the La Salle Community. What began as a meeting forum and support group for Latino American Students, has blossomed into a multicultural organization body. OLAS hopes to service the entire La Salle community with cultural activities and educational events dedicated to promoting cultural awareness and understanding throughout the student body.mis copy

Olas complies with their own guidelines as well as guidelines set forth by La Salle University. The purposes, objectives, and regulations of OLAS are as follows:

* To develop and promote awareness and understanding of Latino culture throughout the university.
* To provide an inclusive, learning environment in which students of these backgrounds can share their experiences.
* To establish a medium in which the La Salle community may enhance their social, academic, and formal relationships.