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La Salle Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The La Salle Muslim Student Association (M.S.A) is a nationally recognized organization that is here to assist and connect all Muslim people, and to promote what Islam is all about here on campus. The MSA values and celebrates the Islamic religion through salat (prayer), lectures, quranic recitations, jumu’ah (Friday prayers), and religious holidays (Eid- Fitr and Eid-Adha). Also the MSA will address political issues and concerns that exist within the Islamic Umma (Community). The MSA encourages La Salle students of all religions and ethnic backgrounds to actively participate and understand a different religion. The MSA is an organization for Muslims and all La Salle Students to come together learn, share, and celebrate the beautiful beliefs of Muslims all around the world.

President: Ahmad Hammoudeh


Advisor(s):  Jaime Longo, Cherylyn Rush


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