Current Members

George Zindel


Is it LMTA, or does every mock trial team have a kid that always makes sure his hair is perfect or his tie and suit combo is on point? Do you happen to have a teammate that has his/her initials engraved onto the breast of his/her dress shirt? Welp, if you don’t, meet George! Mr. Zindel competed in high school mock trial for four years in the competitive state of Pennsylvania. George captained his high school team in his senior year to his school’s second Philadelphia city championship title and first appearance in the state final round, where he and his team placed second out of 350 high school mock trial teams. Now, George is a junior attorney and President of La Salle Mock Trial Association. His accolades include capturing a Best Attorney award at Penn State’s Happy Valley Invitational (2014 and 2015) and a Best Attorney award at Drexel’s Market Street Invitational (2015).

Patrick Prendergast


Patrick, a senior nursing major, has now been doing mock trial for the better part of seven years. A love/hate relationship is the best way to describe Patrick’s involvement with mock trial. From organizing the evidence box¬†to having spent countless nights in Staples to print everything necessary for the team, Patrick threatens to quit on a daily basis. However, even after participating as a witness in high school for a full four years, Patrick could not stay away from the acting side of collegiate mock trial. He is known for going on the stand to simply gain points by cracking some laughs with the jury. Dinosaur mascot to limousine driver to weight loss motivational speaker – Patrick always has a ball with his characters, earning recognition as an All National Witness at ORCS in 2015. With all of this said, nothing makes this guy happier than when an attorney comes down with the flu the night before a tournament – take a wild guess as to who gets stuck with the attorney roles?

Robert McDonough


Robert, a senior economics major, has enjoyed great success with the program since joining as a freshman. After participating in extemporaneous speech debate in high school, Robert quickly found talent in trial advocacy. Thinking on his feet and creating defense closing arguments at will is his specialty. Crossing expert witnesses and case law? Robert practically wrote the book. He has also earned a couple of awards along the way – Best Attorney at UPENN’s Quaker Classic (2014) and All Regional¬†Attorney at AMTA’s Philadelphia Regional (2015).