What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a competitive activity where students receive case materials once a year and then put together a case stratagem for both the plaintiff/prosecution and defense, depending on the merits of the case created by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). Throughout the year, students will compete as either side and will compete as either attorney advocates or witnesses. The competition season lasts from August until as late as March. As well as the regional and national competitions, invitational tournaments are hosted throughout the country.

Our Program’s Mission:

The La Salle Mock Trial Association (LMTA) is an extracurricular organization seeking to enhance members’ knowledge of the law, develop members’ communication and critical thinking skills, and instill in members the importance of commitment and leadership. Working as a team, the members will ethically compete with other colleges and universities pursuant to the rules established by AMTA.

Our Program’s History:

The La Salle Mock Trial Association is entering its 9th year of existence at La Salle University. The team has participated in numerous competitions; having placed at both the invitational and regional level. The team boasts members from all class years and alumni in various fields including numerous law school candidates.

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