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Maverick One Acts, in association with the Masque of La Salle, is a group dedicated to producing student written and directed shows. “Mavericks” gives students the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of the creative theatrical process. Shows are typically 15-20 minutes long and range from the serious to the absurd (with a strong emphasis on the absurd). In Mavericks land, the sillier is often the better. Each year, Mavericks showcases these creations in an open, free event in the Dan Rodden Theatre.


Maverick One Acts 2014

IMPROVlogoImprov 101 was founded in 2003 and has since provided La Salle with high-energy, fearless comedy. Improv 101 has been seen off-campus at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the Philadelphia Zoo, and other venues. The Alumni show, an annual Improv 101 birthday celebration, brings back alumni who’ve taken up professional comedy all over the country.

Current Members: Jimmy Austin, Emily Ermer, Brian Gelbach, Elyssa Loughlin, Isobel McCreavy, Michael Poggioli, and Sam Volosky.


TTA LogoThe Technical Theatre Association consists of dedicated students involved in the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of theatre. The show could never go on without them!

For more information, please be sure to check out the TTA page.







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