Past Mavericks

(Note: This list is being constantly updated as new information becomes available).


Atypical Sunday, by Derek Muller

Love Potion, by Basil Thommen

Not Born to Run, by Kevin Mahon

Blood and Roses, by Caitlin O’Malleu

Hello Myself Again, by Jack Mills


Don’t Worry, It’s Only An Emergency, by Allan Bernal

I Want Fame, by Petey Pierre (written) and Ricardo Pomales (directed).

Ritegreens, by Jack Mills

Welcome to Life, by Anne Namocatcat

12 Years a Butler (A Butler’s Tale), by Tom England


On With the Show, by Mike Brown

Hi Aliens, by Basil Thommen

Shadows by Jack Mills

Jane by Susan Casillo

Suburb, by Shauna Clifford and Alex Crosby

Nellie, by Tom England and John Heagy


Its Complicated, by Chenoa Mullen

A Collection of Works, by Andrew Yeamans

Wifey Material, by Basil Thommen

The Hotel Hepburn, by Shauna Clifford and Alex Crosby


The Death of Neil Richards, by Ed Anderson

The Pirates in Search of a Name, by Mark Bisicchia

Someone Else’s Love Story, by Cait Donahue and Isobel McCreavy

Trashcan Guy, by Sam Volosky

Campfire Stories, by Sawyer Marshock

Going Up, by Andrew Fralinger

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