Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Cast List

Christine – Krystiana Schaffer
Muriel – Lizelle Pernia
Jolene – Emily Ward
Soloists with Muriel – Sarah Lance/Sarah Looney/Meghan Skiles/Julia Steele
Usherette – Zoli Heft
Lawrence – Skip Robinson
Freddy – Siam Iamsakuldacha
Andre – Tom England
Ensemble – Zoli Heft, Sarah Lance, Sarah Looney, Meghan Skiles, Julia Steele, Becca Cox, Caitlin O’Malley, Shauna Clifford, Jack Mills, Frank Pepe, Brendan Dumas, Andrew Fralinger, John Hayes, Chris Smart 

Directed by
– Ben Smallen
Musical Direction by – Michael Borton

Note: We will provide ONE (1) FREE TICKET to all La Salle University Students, courtesy of the Student Activities Fee.


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