Welcome to LEAN!


La Salle Explorers Advocating  Nutrition, (LEAN) is a La Salle University’s club for nutrition advocacy. Our mission is to promote and advocate good nutrition to members of the La Salle University Community and the greater Philadelphia Community as well as further the academic interest in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition. We aim to do this through various events, including tabling to hand out information about nutrition, creating lesson plans for student groups, volunteering around our community, and partnering with other organizations. Of course, joining a student club is also about having fun, so LEAN members can also expect invitations to various field trips, baking nights, and movie nights featuring food related movies. LEAN encourages our members to help plan events that they are interested in and every meeting includes an open session for bring new ideas to the club!  

LEAN booth at the 2016 Shoppes at LaSalle Health Fair

LEAN booth at the 2016 Shoppes at LaSalle Health Fair


Interested in joining LEAN? 

LEAN is open to all classes and majors. Students can join at any point in the year by attending a general meeting (announced ahead of time on Facebook). In between meetings, you can also send an email to one of our officers to be added to our mailing list!


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La Salle Explorers Advocating Nutrition