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Alexander, Haley

Vice President Events & Planning

Donato, Jackie

Vice President of Membership/Organization

Grossmuller, Heather

Chapter President

Kirby, Rebecca

Vice President of Finance/Controller

Leffler, Carolyn

Vice President Marketing/Public Relations

Shilkina, Yulia

Vice President of Professional and Career Affairs

Jiang, Pingjun

Faculty Advisor

I’ve been an Assistant Professor in the School of Business at La Salle since 2003. Before joining the faculty, I was an Assistant Professor at Columbus State University. At La Salle, I specialize in teaching and researching in a variety of areas, including: Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Principles of Marketing, E-Commerce and Internet Marketing, and Consumer Behavior. I also spend time as a Freshman Advisor, and on the Faculty Development Committee. I’ve had the opportunity to write and publish a number of articles in academic journals. Hobbies include playing Ping pong, tennis; cooking Sichuan cuisine; traveling and playing Bridge

Favorite Quotes: “Learning without thought is labor cost; thought without learning is perilous.” – Confucius, Analects

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