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La Salle University Traditional Karate Program
Principles, Practice, Empowerment




1. Develop a kinesthetic sense (multi-directional movement) of the body through Kata (pre-arranged
punching, kicking, and striking techniques)

2. Improve range of motion of joints (stretching)

3. Learn the importance of courtesy and ethical behavior


General Training/Learning Activity:

• Basic warm up drills

• Courtesy/values

• Basic techniques (Kihon)-learn/practice punching, striking, kicking, blocking techniques.

• Application One(Kumite)- Sparring drills

• Application Two (Kata)- multi-directional techniques

• Warm down (stretching to end practice)


Karate 101 (Basic Class):

1. Emphases- Improving strength, endurance, flexibility, courtesy/values.

2. Basic techniques- Oi-zuki (step and punch), Gyaku-zuki, (reverse punch), Mae-geri (front kick),
Yoko-geri (side snap kick), Shuto-uke (knife hand strike) Ude-uke (outside-inside block), Gedan-
barai (downward block), Age-uke (rising block).

3. Stances- Zenkutsu-dachi (front stance), Kiba-dachi (horse stance), Kokutsu-dachi (back stance).

4. Kumite- Sanbon Kumite (three attack sparring)

5. Kata-(forms).

6. Other- Introduction of concepts, power creation and control.

7. Rank Examinations (optional) – requirements must attend a minimum of 22 classes, purchase
uniform, minimal exam fee (TBD).


Maceo Hood, Instructor

MH 1/23/12

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