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The La Salle University Jazz & Pep Band is a student-run organization.  Students get to decide what to play and where to play — with the help of Director Chuck Hallahan and Faculty Adviser Greg Fala, of course.  Besides supporting the Explorers at every home basketball game (as well as at the A-10, NIT, and NCAA Tournaments), the band conducts various service trip performances. These trips have ranged from performing big band hits for the elderly at Holy Redeemer Lafayette to traveling to Toronto and teaching students at a local Christian Brother school various jazz techniques. Naturally, the band hopes go on more large-scale service trips such as the 2005 Toronto trip sometime in the future. In the meantime, you’ll be sure to catch us at the A-10 Tournament in Brooklyn, the Christmas Village in Center City, and the Spring Concert in our very own Dan Rodden Theatre!

Give us a try.

If you are unsure about playing music in college, we strongly encourage you to join us first before deciding.  Many do so and stick with us throughout their years at La Salle.

No audition necessary.

When you arrive at your first rehearsal, we will discuss your placement within the group.


By participating in the band, you can enhance yourself as a musician and student while supporting athletics, performing in concert, or even bringing cheer to inner-city youth.

Join the Band!

Interested in becoming a member of the Band? Then send us your contact info! We’re a fun group of people. We promise.

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