Policy & Procedures

Policy for Student Organization Use of University Facilities
The following norms for use of campus facilities by student organizations have been established to be constant with A) the individual rights of assembly and free speech; B) the special necessity there is to preserve these rights and those of the serious and free academic search for truth; C) the rights and duties of the La Salle community to abide by the spirit of the Christian Catholic faith; D) the just requirements and expectations of the La Salle community that La Salle’s administration will do its reasonable best to preserve, maintain, and develop a milieu of discovery consonant with that spirit:

  1. The University subscribes to and supports the right of students to meet in free assembly in University facilities reserved for that purpose and to pursue free discussion there. The heterodoxy of ideas that may be expressed is not a sanctionable matter in-so-far as University policy is concerned. The University also subscribes to and encourages student use of University facilities for business meetings and for social, cultural, and recreational activities. At the same time, while acknowledging that individuals have a right to be themselves and to live by the dictates of their own consciences and values in their private lives, the University also holds that it has a corresponding right to deny use of facilities to those who are unable or unwilling to abide by University regulations or who do anything to cause positive harm to this community or its members.
  2. All student groups intending to use University facilities on a regular basis must file a statement of organizational purpose(s) in order to qualify for the use of those facilities. Groups are required to state the use to which a requested facility is to be put and to demonstrate, if asked, that their stated purpose(s) and actual activities are constant with one another. Groups are, moreover, obligated to follow all regulations for the specific facility they use. When a group is refused permission to use facilities, a student affairs administrator will notify the group, stating reasons. A group to whom permission to use facilities has been denied will have the opportunity to restate and resubmit its request.
  3. University facilities may not be used by a student organization when such use: occasions clear and present danger to persons or property; constitutes commission of a crime; occasions actions which are in substantial opposition to the value and beliefs commonly held by the Christian Catholic tradition in both its past and present expression; or, occasions by its very public exercise within University facilities a serious disruption of the peace so vitally necessary to the academic and scholarly pursuits which are the day-to day reasons for La Salle’s very existence as an institution of higher education.
  4. While in all such matters the University administration must be the final judge, the administration must keep itself in a constant attitude of readiness to engage in honest dialogue with any and all student organizations desiring to use University facilities. Moreover, the University administration and individual student groups have a responsibility to themselves and to the total University community to explore individually and together an ever-deepening, ever-changing University community life in which specific decisions may be taken, adhered to, and changed. Policy governing student organization use of University facilities is established by the Dean of Students and Provost in consultation with the Student Affairs Committee and is administered by the Assistant to the Dean for Administrative Services and the Community Coordinator for Leadership and Development.

Policies for Reservation of Union Facilities
Whenever La Salle Union facilities are to be used for routine administrative, academic, or extracurricular purposes, a reservation form must be submitted to Administrative Services through mylasalle. All reservations and related requests (e.g., room set-up, special equipment, etc.) are tentative until confirmed in writing. This applies, as well, for reservation changes.Reservations will be accepted on a first need basis. The reservation staff reserves the right to assign space to be used for a meeting or function. When a request for a particular area is made, every effort will be made to honor the request.Those individuals or groups using facilities are expected to leave them in good order. Sponsoring groups are responsible for damages to facilities.

University regulations preclude regular use of La Salle Union facilities for classes, course seminars, labs, and other strictly class related meetings. Reservations of this type normally must be for academic facilities.

Annually funded and registered student organizations, and University offices and departments will not be charged for use of Union facilities; however, some personnel costs will be charged to the sponsoring groups. Personnel costs may include a maintenance supervisor, security staff, janitorial staff, matron, electrical staff, etc. Personnel charges, if any, will be specified when the facility is requested, and the sponsor will sign an agreement for any expenses before confirmation will be given.

Procedures for Reservation of Union Facilities
Requests for routine use of all Union facilities should be made to Administrative Services through mylasalle Telephone reservations cannot be accepted nor will the reservation staff hold rooms pending the receipt of a written response.The program proposal reservation request will ask for the following information:A

      . Date and Time of the Event;

B. Description of the event: Committee Meeting, speaker function, luncheon, dinner, etc.

C. Requested Facility: (Please Note: The reservation staff reserves the right to assign the most appropriate facility for a specific event.)

D. Name of the Sponsoring Department/Organization: When La Salle faculty and administrators are reserving facilities for use by off-campus organizations, this must be clearly indicated at the time the request is placed. In such instances, the requesting academic or administrative department is considered to be the event’s coordinator and a department representative is expected to attend the event. The Coordinator of Conference Guest Services is the contact person for these events.

E. Projected Attendance

F. Indication if Catering Services are Required: Confirmation of a room reservation does not guarantee the availability of Catering Services.

G. Set-Up Requirements: Groups with detailed and specific set-up requirements are asked to provide a diagram indicating placement of all tables, chairs, coat racks, podiums, A-V equipment, etc. Catering Services will provide Administrative Services with diagrams for food service related set-ups.
In case of duplicate requests for the same date and facility, the applicants will be notified of the conflict and presented with a list of alternative dates and/or facilities. The staff will attempt to resolve the conflict to the mutual satisfaction of the applicants. The revised requests will then be confirmed for each group. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved, the Director of Administrative Services will assign the facilities and/or dates and inform the persons or groups involved.

When policy questions are involved in decisions regarding facility use, the Director of Administrative Services will consult with the Dean of Students and/or Provost.

Reservation Timetable


      . Reservations for major program areas in the La Salle Union (i.e., Theatre, Ballroom Music Room, Dunleavy Room, and La Salle Union Patio and balconies) must be placed at least two (2) weeks in advance of the program date.

B. Reservations for programs that will require Catering services must be placed not less than two (2) weeks in advance for events occurring during the academic year and no less than three (3) weeks in advance for programs occurring during the summer.

C. All other set-up requirements are due no less than one (1) week in advance of the program date.

Catering Services


      . La Salle University Catering has the right of first refusal for all catering on the La Salle campus. This also applies to events held in non-Union areas. If Catering cannot, due to prior commitments, provide services, then Catering will coordinate the outsourcing of the event to a caterer that has been approved by the University and meets the prerequisite insurance requirements.

B. An estimate on the number of guests is required at the time of making the initial arrangements and a final guaranteed count is due seventy-two (72) hours prior to the event. Should no final count be called in to Catering, the estimated number will be considered the final guarantee and is not subject to subsequent reduction.

C. The University’s alcohol policy requires that, when an event is to include the service of alcohol, the purchase and service of alcoholic beverages must be coordinated through Catering.



      . The cancellation of room reservations are to be reported in writing to Administrative Services. A department/office must report a reservation cancellation (such notice must be in writing/e-mail) and for which a facility has been prepared may be billed for personnel set-up costs.

B. For events that were to require Catering, cancellations must also be reported to Catering no less than seventy-two (72) hours (three [3] working days) in advance. Departments/organizations failing to provide cancellation notice to Catering may be billed for food costs.

Additional Information on the Use of Union Facilities
Programming Hours: Programs held in the La Salle Union may begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m. and a later starting time may be required depending on the set-up desired and events occurring in the same facility on the previous evening.All programs held in the La Salle Union normally end according to the following schedule. Requests for an extension of hours must be made to the Union Services Director. Decisions will be based on the nature of the event, the nature of other events occurring the same evening, and the timing of the academic calendar. Requests for extended hours must be placed at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.Sunday afternoon: 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Thursday nights: 11:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday nights: 2:00 a.m.

Groups will be billed after the event and future requests to use facilities will not be honored until the fee has been paid.

Special Set-Ups: If use of a Union facility involves a special set-up (one that differs from the normal configuration of the area), the Union Services Director must be given a detailed description of needs. Please arrange to discuss set-up needs no less than two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event.

Equipment Rental: If a program requires equipment or services (i.e., table and chair rental, piano moving and tuning) not available through the La Salle Union, users will be assessed the cost of the equipment and/or services. The Union Services Director will provide a breakdown of fees. Equipment and/or service needs must be submitted with the set-up information.

Service of Alcoholic Beverages: If an event will involve the service of alcoholic beverages, please refer to the “University Policy on Alcoholic Beverages” and to the “Guidelines for the Service of Alcohol at Student Organization Events.”

Union Facilities
Conference Rooms: Rooms 301, 308, 310, and 312 are maintained as meeting rooms in a conference configuration. Organizations holding regular meetings during the flexband should contact the Registrar’s Office and will be assigned classroom space in either Olney or College Hall.Ballroom: This is an adaptable facility which can comfortably accommodate 400 people. A small stage is located at the front of the room. The Ballroom is usually arranged in one of three ways:a

      . As a meeting room, 400 chairs can be set in rows.

b. As a banquet room, the Ballroom can seat 300.

c. As a reception area, the Ballroom can accommodate up to 400.

The Ballroom is also equipped with an in-house sound system that will handle two (2) microphones. The sound system also contains an audio cassette player and CD player.

Music Room: The Music Room is located opposite the Ballroom on the second floor of the Union. This room is usually used as a small reception room or in conjunction with a program in the Ballroom. This room has Internet and Power Point access.

Dunleavy Assembly Room: The Dunleavy Assembly Room is a beautifully designed facility ideal for a reception or lecture for approximately 120 or dinner 110. This room has Internet and Power Point access.
Dan Rodden Theatre: The Dan Rodden Theatre seats 376. The stage area includes an orchestra pit equipped with a grand piano. The sound system can deploy four (4) microphones simultaneously. The theater also has VCR, DVD, CD, Cassette, and Computer capabilities.

Any special lighting or sound services must be addressed to Union Services when making the room reservation. Union Services in turn will obtain approval from the Masque/Technical Theatre Organization who provides lighting and sound needs in the Dan Rodden Theatre as possible. Union Services will let the group/individual know if the Masque/Technical Theatre Organization can accommodate their requests.

TV Room: First level of the Union. It seats 20 people, and it has a big screen TV. This room is not reserved for groups. Please check this location for hours of operation.

Game Room: Basement level of the Union. This room contains a pool table, chairs and tables for socializing and work. Within the Game Room are 80 lockers. They are rented out at $2.50 per semester including a $5 security deposit. $10 for a school year. Interested students should inquire at Administrative Services (Union 205). This room is not reservable for groups.

Study and Resource Center: Union 217. This room is available for student use and is equipped with study tables and other resources for quiet group meetings and individual studying.

Equipment Reservations
To reserve equipment for use in conjunction with a program occurring in Union facilities, requests are made on the room reservation form. All requests should be made at the same time of reserving the facility since equipment is allocated to that organization/office making the initial request.Union staff does not transport equipment for use outside the Union Building. Groups must arrange for their own transportation including the return to the Union at the completion of the program. Groups failing to return Union equipment will be fined $20 per day until the equipment is returned and will lose privileges.

Table Reservations
Use the Program proposal/reservation request form found online at mylasalle.

Other Services in the La Salle Union
Lost and Found: The Administrative Services Office (Union 205) is the central location for items that are lost and found in the Union only.Building Hours:
Monday through Thursday: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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