No Meeting This Week

Hey everyone!!

So, I kind of suck and forgot to email everyone about the Feast and see who was coming/bringing anything…. for that and a couple other reasons, we have decided to move the feast to next week! This means we will have NO MEETING AT ALL today.

Next week I will send out an email and if anyone wants to bring anything, they are more than welcome to. There will also be prizes and things, so please come out! (We understand it is the Friday before finals, but we promise we won’t keep you very long. And there will be free food so…)

Enjoy the weekend and see you all next week for the party!

Mischief Managed,


Minutes April 1st

Hey, guys!

This week (attendance willing) we will be doing elections for the open E-Board positions which will be coming out soon. Please be there this Friday at 4!

Potterpalooza is THIS MONTH on April 23rd. Bring everyone you know and then some.

April 30th will be our end of the year feast at 4 pm in Holroyd! Bring food items please!

We need volunteers to review the existing constitution! Please email Jess or Tony asap if you would like to be involved. (Looks awesome on a resume)

With the leaving of Tyler Steffy from the CD staff we will need more group participation in planning and executing events but you guys are all awesome so this shouldn’t be an issue.

That’s all! Please come on Friday for elections!! Have a great week until then!

No Meeting This Week


Important reminder that there will be NO meeting this week. You can show up to 190, but we won’t be there, so… don’t show up to 190. 

That being said, we will resume meetings the week we get back so you know, start the countdown.

Before everyone shuts down for break, could I have anyone who would be interested in doing Relay for Life with the Harry Potter Club shoot me an email? It is in April and it’s an all night event (but you can come for however long you want) of activities and fundraisers etc.It’s just $10 a person to enter. (If you already are committed to another organization’s group, no worries!)

Also get excited, because Potterpalooza is coming! Planning for that will begin soon &#X1f60a

If you have any questions/concerns/ideas/thoughts shoot Tony or I an electric message via the internet!

I hope everyone has a magical Spring Break (stay safe!) and can’t wait to see you all when we get back!

Mischief Managed,


Recruitment Tabling Yay!

Hola mis amigos,

As promised, here is the info for recruitment tabling this week (wooo!):

Tuesday, 2/23/16, from 12-1 pm

Thursday, 2/25/16, from 1-2 pm

We will be set up in the Union (lobby or little hallway outside Subway) so if you’re free, stop on by and help Tony or I talk to some possible new members! Also if you are planning on stopping by, it would be cool if we could have people wear some HP gear or bring some stuff for the table. Legit anything HP would be awesome, so please see what you’ve got going on. If not, no biggie! Thanks(:

If you are able to swing by, even for a bit, or have a question, shoot me a text or email please! Owl’s take too long sometimes. (Don’t tell them I said that, they bite.)

Stay tuned for this weeks debate topic/match up. #IwishitwasFriday #ILoveHPClub

Mischief Managed,


*Insert clever subject line here* JG

Hi Team,

So first things first, just a reminder that we will be meeting this Friday AT 4PM in HOYLROYD 120 . Please notice the different room for this week only. For anyone not at last week’s meeting, something happened with the reservation system and another group has 190 this time, but we will be back in our usual spot next week.

Try to come out ’cause this week’s debate is gonna be a fun one. We will have the winners of the last two debates (and infamous enemies) battling it out: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. For the debate topic…

Drum roll please………………………………………………….

Who was a better friend, Hermione or Ron? 

As for who will be arguing which side, we will have a super professional rock, paper, scissors match before we start and the teams will have a chance to formulate an argument while Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff can come up with some questions they’ll want to ask.

Any questions, comments, concerns, ideas, send me an owl. Or a puppy with a letter attached. Or just a puppy.

Mischief Managed,


Minutes 1/29/16

Here are last week’s minutes…

We started with a super successful game to break metaphorical ice between the group members and get to know one another a little better.

We then watched a funny and touching tribute to our favorite professor and world-renowned master thesbian Alan Rickman.

Back to business for the semester, we have 2 events planned for the next few months:

  • ​February 6th – Movie Jeopardy Night
    • 9 PM in the Union
    • Anime and LNL collaboration
    • ONE person for each category per team
    • Prizes are 6 $25 AMC gift cards
    • Visa gift cards will be raffled
  • April 23rd – Harry Potter A Palooza
    • Possibly all day?
      • ​Quiddith tournament in the afternoon/evening
      • Harry Potter night in Union for the remainder of the night?
    • T-Shirt Press
    • Wand Making
    • Other ideas we should all brainstorm
We finished with a sweet and crushing victory by the Gryffindors in a trivia showdown.
See everyone next Friday!  Have a great week!

Jeopardy Friday

Hello wonderful Harry Potter Club!

A few things:

1.      THIS FRIDAY IS JEOPARDY WOO! So, let me run downs some rules:

a.      This will be traditional jeopardy style. 6 categories, 5 questions (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000) with a double jeopardy round

b.      There will be two daily doubles in which you announce the amount youre wagering BEFORE the question

c.       You must answer each question with “what is” or “who is” as a contestant would on jeopardy

d.      There will be either TWO or THREE teams depending on the amount who show up; doing it house v house may make it difficult for this event though we could do that in the future?

e.      This is bolded for a reason. We double checked each of our answers to be true and that is the only answer. No negotiation. If you feel super strongly about it, then let me or Jess know but please don’t argue every answer.

f.        The way you will “buzz” is by holding up a piece of paper. I’ll explain.

g.      There will be a final jeopardy question where you make you get the hint, make a wager, and then get the clue. You will have 60 seconds.

h.      If you are in the red at the end of double jeopardy you do not continue on to final jeopardy

i.        We don’t have prizes. Sorry L

j.        There will be two daily doubles.


Hello, all,

Here are the minutes for Friday, November 6th:

For Tony announcements, please see his email to come soon.


Thank you to everyone who brought the presents and cards to Dr. Lashley!

Email Lexie for interest in playing Quidditch within the club!

Annie’s announcements –

  • ​National Society of Leadership and Success –
  • Awesome networking, leadership experience, speaker broadcasts, and jobs!!
  • It looks stellar on a resume!
  • It’s the first year established at La Salle, headed by Annie.  We all are in our first year and know how that goes, so please help her out!!
That’s about all.  Look out for Tony’s email coming soon!  Have a great and safe weekend!

Meeting Cancelled 11/13/15

Hey HPC!
We’ve decided to CANCEL our meeting scheduled for this Friday, 11/13. (That also means we will not be doing the Quidditch equipment revamp YET but it will be this semester). So take a nap instead, but please come back the following Friday, even if you haven’t been around, because we should have something pretty fun planned for you all!!
Also, IF YOU HAVE NOT EMAILED TONY OR I YET ABOUT REMAINING AN ACTIVE MEMBER/ON THE EMAIL LIST, PLEASE DO SO ASAP!!! It is really important as we are going to be handing in that paperwork really soon. CONTACT US!! WE LOVE YOU!!
Thank you all, and see you next week!

Minutes 11/02/15

Hey, guys!

Here are the minutes from our quick meeting on Friday:

Bank account – Approved
Dues start next semester ($5)
Dues go towards
End of Year Feast
Other Awesome Things
An email will be coming out soon for all who went on the trip to Chestnut Hill to help pay for the bill for the bus (the money paid on the trip was for gas, this bill is for the renting of the van)

Operation Thank You –
Everyone meet in the Union outside of Starbucks at 12:30 on Tuesday, November 3rd to walk down to the Comm Center to present Dr. Lashley with his thank you card and gift
Tony will remind you tonight about Operation Thank You
We really need to schedule when we are meeting up to fix the Late Night Quidditch stuff, so come to the meeting on Friday prepared with a schedule.

That’s all, folks! Have a great day!