Headmaster/Founder – Tony Kelly

Tony is a member of the University Honors Program and is an Information Technology major and a History minor. He currently serves as the Founder and Headmaster of the Harry Potter Club, Helpdesk Support Manager at La Salle ResNet, an RA in the CABDGJH community, and the Chair of Information Technology for the CABDGJH RA Staff. Other than stressing the important of Gilderoy Lockhart to the Harry Potter Fandom, Tony enjoys playing Quidditch and tackle football. He is really Sirius about Harry Potter, and has a SEVEReUS addiction to it. You can catch him Lupin around Holroyd.

Deputy Headmistress/Vice President – Jessica Gwiszcz

jessgifJessica Gwiszcz is a Sophomore Honors student at La Salle majoring in Biology. She is currently the Deputy Headmistress, meaning she takes on the duties of a muggle club’s Vice President while she pretends to be McGonagle. Jessica loves Magical Creatures (animals) and spends much of her free time reading, drawing, and geeking out over a multitude of fandoms. On campus outside of the totally awesome Harry Potter Club, Jessica is a participant of Project Appalachia Spring, a member of the Biology Club, and AED, and works at La Salle ResNet. “Mischief Managed!”





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Advisor – Dr. Mark C. Lashley

drlashleyprofDr. Mark C. Lashley is an Assistant Professor in La Salle’s Communication Department, and is the faculty advisor for the Harry Potter Club. He teaches about mass media and studies television, social media, and participatory culture. In his down time, Dr. Lashley does some traveling, some cycling, plays a lot of tennis, a little guitar, and is constantly trying to catch up on his overstuffed DVR. He’s also a very proud Gryffindor.

Head of Ravenclaw/Treasurer – Isobel McCreavy

isobelgifIsobel McCreavy is a freshman studying Business. She’s the Head of the Ravenclaw House (which had been Nearly Headless) and is in charge of the Harry Potter Club’s account at Gringotts Bank (aka a glorified treasurer). She enjoys watching movies and TV shows about muggle culture, reading books about certain famous wizards, fighting dragons (JK!), and writing poems and stories. When she’s not doing that, she’s putting Hermione to shame with how much homework she does, slowly taking over the world  (she’s a little [Le]strange), and overcompensating for her dull life with puns while waiting for her eyebrows to grow back (spell gone awry… it was a Siriusly Black day….don’t ask).

Head of Slytherin/Event Planning – Nadia Casildo

nadia-1Nadia Casildo is a junior ISBT major, the closest enjoyable thing she could find since potions wasn’t available. She is the current head of Slytherin and the club events manager. Nadia really likes to think of herself as that one friend we all have that’s always telling you these weird stories that sometimes make you question if she’s an actual person? Which, she is, she’s got a California birth certificate to prove it. When she isn’t hiding out in the Holroyd Building, she really enjoys sports such as Quidditch, Rugby and MMA (despite only being 5’1 on a good day.) 

Head of Hufflepuff/Public Relations – Eric Frazier

ericprofEric Frazier is a Junior at La Salle studying Computer Science and Mathematics. He is currently the Head of Hufflepuff House and in charge of Public Relations for the Harry Potter Club. Eric enjoys muggle activities, such as playing video games, watching cartoons, drawing, and going camping once in a while. Outside of Harry Potter Club, Eric is also the President of the Jazz & Pep Band, Secretary of the Mathematical Association, and participant of La Salle’s Programmming Team.

Head of Gryffindor/Secretary – Gracie Joy

graciegifGracie Joy is a Senior in the Honors Program at La Salle studying History and Classical Languages.  Currently Head of Gryffindor House and Secretary for the Harry Potter Club, Gracie is also a Resident Assistant in North Dorms and a dual enrolled graduate student.  In her down time, Gracie enjoys the Star Wars saga, baking, and anything related to Disney.





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