No Meeting This Week

Hey everyone!!

So, I kind of suck and forgot to email everyone about the Feast and see who¬†was coming/bringing anything…. for that and a couple other reasons, we have decided to move the feast to next week! This means we will have NO MEETING AT ALL today.

Next week I will send out an email and if anyone wants to bring anything, they are more than welcome to. There will also be prizes and things, so please come out! (We understand it is the Friday before finals, but we promise we won’t keep you very long. And there will be free food so…)

Enjoy the weekend and see you all next week for the party!

Mischief Managed,


Minutes April 1st

Hey, guys!

This week (attendance willing) we will be doing elections for the open E-Board positions which will be coming out soon. Please be there this Friday at 4!

Potterpalooza is THIS MONTH on April 23rd. Bring everyone you know and then some.

April 30th will be our end of the year feast at 4 pm in Holroyd! Bring food items please!

We need volunteers to review the existing constitution! Please email Jess or Tony asap if you would like to be involved. (Looks awesome on a resume)

With the leaving of Tyler Steffy from the CD staff we will need more group participation in planning and executing events but you guys are all awesome so this shouldn’t be an issue.

That’s all! Please come on Friday for elections!! Have a great week until then!