2015-2016 Enactus Report

I hope that everyone had a great time in St. Louis, and you all are ready for another amazing year with the Enactus team!

This past year we worked on a bunch of different projects aimed at all different aspects of life.  We advanced through the regional competition, in Washington, D.C., and made it out to the National competition out in St. Louis, Missouri. Through competing, the Green Project, one of the most profound projects we have worked on, received two awards along with grants that will be used to further the project.

Green Project, this past year, not only built up their location in the West Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia, but they also started a new location at Hope Lutheran Church in Levittown, PA. Their location in Philadelphia implemented and aquaponically run system, and the location in Levittown held nutritional classes for the young children at the school.

Open Minds project held their competition, on La Salle’s campus, in Holroyd.  Their competition lasted for three days and included students from across the university along with on high school senior.  The winning project was called Carbon Neutral, and basically turned carbon dioxide into inert solid carbon. The winning project was designed by Matt Mailloux, a Junior at La Salle, and Jared Junkin, a high school senior.

Ciao Pow was another project that was created during the Open Minds competition in 2014.  It was brought on this year as a project, since the creator wanted to continue to develop the technology.  The project was aimed at creating a wearable device that would track progress of making connections with people, using the device as well, and would also be able to transfer contact information and resumes.

Through this upcoming year, we will work towards progressing the projects to points that we had not seen last year, and will work our way back to the Regional and National competitions again!

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