Intern of the Week: Theresa Glinski (August 30, 2012 issue)

By Diana Battaglia
Collegian Staff

Theresa Glinski rode the 27 bus every weekday morning for eight weeks while her friends slept in but she did not feel like she was wasting her summer. Instead of hanging out on the beach, Glinksi was gaining valuable hands-on experience in a law firm. A stand-out student, Glinksi was awarded the James A. Finnegan Public Service Fellowship which granted her a stipend that paid her for her work as an intern. Thanks to Dr. Dillon, the head of the Pre-Law Program and the Political Science department, Glinksi was placed at Marks & O’Neill & O’Brien & Courtney—a law firm in Philadelphia. Dawn Courtney, a name partner of the firm, is graduate of La Salle.

Unlike most interns, Glinksi did not spend her summer fetching coffee and making photo copies. Instead, she worked directly for the managing director of the firm, who entrusted Glinski to do work that was seen by the firm’s clients. The firm specializes in defense litigation and has clients ranging from insurance companies and even hospitals, among others.

Since her duties were often more involved than the normal intern’s, she would sometimes stay well past closing time to work on special projects. At times, Glinksi would receive a project in the afternoon that would be due the next morning. Even though some might consider that unfair, it was no issue for Glinski who says “I wasn’t leaving until I got my work done.” It was not uncommon for Glinski to stay three hours after the work day was over to finish a project. This was Glinksi’s attitude throughout the entire summer that helped her stand out among her fellow interns.

As a result, Glinski was able to create an entire presentation concerning a new law that was going into effect. The presentation was designed by Glinski and then presented to a client of Marks, O’Neill by Dawn Courtney. This required a lot of work on Glinski’s part as she had to sift through legal jargon of the Affordable Care Act and piece together an understanding of the law upheld by the Supreme Court in June. Glinski remarks that this project “was like playing whisper down the lane. Not only did I have to understand what I was researching, I had to understand it enough to create a powerpoint, including handouts, that would be given to one of the firm’s clients- the pressure was really on.” During the summer, Glinski had the opportunity to attend several depositions, case management conferences, and even a mediation, which Glinski remarks was the highlight of her time at Marks, O’Neill. Her final project was due on her last day and was a portfolio of the research she did on the Congressional HITECH Act. Glinski comments, “That was pretty complicated because it dealt with rules at the state and federal level. I ended up giving my boss a binder that included a twenty page memo and nine indexes. Even though it was difficult, I was happy with the final product, especially because I knew I had researched how the act directly affected the firm.”

Glinski is a native of Roxborough, attended Central High School and is the third member of her family to attend La Salle University. She is a part of the Honors Program here at La Salle and the President of La Salle Mock Trial, College Democrats and the St. Thomas More Pre-Law Society. She is finishing up her senior year and will graduate as an English and political science duel major with a minor in Leadership and Global Understanding. Glinski is a member of the pre-law program and plans to attend law school after graduation. She is excited by the taste of law she has already experienced and encourages other law school hopefuls to seek out an opportunity like hers.