About the Collegian

Founded in March 1931, Collegian has served as La Salle University’s primary student newspaper for 82 years.

Website: clubs.lasalle.edu/collegian

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Email: Lsucollegian@gmail.com

Editorial Staff:

Editor in Chief: MegAnne Liebsch
Managing Editor: Andrew Durkin
News Editors: Selena Bemak & Jon Mains
Features Editor: Katie Milideo & Ben Rottler-Gurley
Commentary Editor: Matt Mailloux
Politics Editor: Jackson Swindells
Arts and Entertainment Editors: Meghann Taft-Lockard & Scott Schroeder
Kicks Editor: Isobel McCreavy
CAKE Editor: Cait Donahue
Sports Editors

Faculty Advisor:


Campus Box: 417, Office: La Salle Union, Lower Level 017


The La Salle Collegian is a newspaper run by the students of La Salle University in Philadelphia, serving the entire University community. Letters, guest columns and opinion pieces will be considered for publication provided that they meet with the Editors’ standards and can be allotted space. All letters must be signed, including the address and telephone number of sender, and must be under 300 words. The Collegian reserves the right to condense and/or edit as needed. Editorials reflect a consensus of the Editorial Staff and are not necessarily the views of the University. Signed columns or cartoons are the opinions of the writers or artists.

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