Student club creates Harry Potter-themed activities on campus

Mark Bissichia | Editor

Expecto Patronum! What may seem like gibberish to some has become a motto to others. Those “others” being fans of the Harry Potter universe, a world of magic and mystery portrayed in J.K. Rowling’s most famous book series, which were later adapted to film. Fans of the series are spread over the world (the book series has been translated in 68 languages) but one does not have to look any further than La Salle’s own campus.
The Harry Potter Club, formed in 2014 by alumnus Tony Kelly, has been a haven for fans of the series. While he was no super fan of the popular series when he arrived to La Salle, he soon became obsessed with the books and movies when he watched one of the films, leading to his newfound love of the world of Harry Potter. When he realized there was no Harry Potter Club on campus, he took the initiative and started his own with a few other fans of the popular series.
Nowadays, senior Isobel McCreavy serves as the president of the organization. “The Harry Potter Club is a newer club on campus, but honestly, it was a long time coming,” McCreavy explains, “The club is just a group of nerds who like to meet up and hang out and be themselves.”
For Harry Potter fans on campus, there is an organization that allows you to step out of the “muggle” world and into the word of wizardry. The Harry Potter Club is an organization that gives students the opportunity to compete against their peers in a competition that lasts the whole school year. The winner of this competition receives the esteemed prize of the House Cup, the ultimate goal Hogwarts students strive for in the books and movies. If you’re unsure of what house you belong in, the online Sorting Hat Quiz will help you determine which house you should be placed in.
Daniella Stagliano, junior communication major, and self-proclaimed Gryffindor, has been a member of the club since her freshman year. Having always been a fan of the iconic “boy who lived,” Stagliano found this club to be the perfect opportunity to find other fans like herself. “I joined the Harry Potter Club because I really love the books and movies, and one of my friends from high school who goes to La Salle told me about the club and convinced me to join,” said Stagliano.
All of the houses, or teams, will be given tasks and activities to complete at each meeting where they are able to collect points for winning games. The team with the most points at the end of the school year will be awarded for their collaborative efforts in each task. These tasks include Quizzo, Jeopardy, and of course, the ultimate Hogwarts pastime, Quidditch.
Stagliano loves attending the different club activities. “My favorite part of being in Harry Potter Club are all of the fun games we play like Harry Potter Mafia, Pictionary and Jeopardy and events we host like Potterpalooza and Harry Potter Quizzo Night,” said Stagliano.
The club just recently held their annual Harry Potter themed party, Potterpalooza, which was open to all La Salle students. This highly-anticipated event provided Hogwarts-themed games and activities, like Quidditch bean bag toss and a wand making station. Even the refreshments were Potter themed; snack tables were adorned with gummy slugs surrounding a bowl of Butterbeer, a drink staple of the Wizarding World.
The club meets every Monday at 5pm in Holroyd 190. “It’s a great place to take a break from homework with fellow fans and relieve our childhood,” says senior Nicholette Du Bois, one of the heads of the club. Stagliano adds to this appreciation of the club saying, “I love the passion and enthusiasm of the people in the club, because they are the ones who really make things fun and interesting.” “It’s a community based around a love of magic and of a story. You can’t leave the Harry Potter Club meetings without making a friend,” continues McCreavy.
The club has even more events planned for the rest of the semester and beyond, with a Quizzo night planned for Nov. 2nd at 8pm in the Dunleavy room.