Campus organization guides students on career path

Anisha Oommen | Staff
While you may see their trifold at the Activities Fair or flyers promoting their events around campus, the Association for Women in Communication (AWC) reaches members beyond La Salle’s campus.
AWC is a nationally recognized organization with professional chapters across the nation. In 2009, La Salle’s AWC became the first national student chapter in Pennsylvania.
While the name has “Communication” in its title, the organization is open to all majors and works to improve students’ work ethic and guide them in their career paths.
Entering La Salle as a freshman can be an intimidating time, as feelings of uncertainty and confusion begin to swell all at once. Through AWC, students are introduced to the wide array of careers that are offered, giving them the opportunity to see the skills they learn in their classes take place in the workforce. The way this opportunity is carried out is due to the events that are organized by AWC each year.
Every school year, AWC holds two major events—an alumni panel and a networking night. The Alumni Panel, held during the fall semester of the school year, introduces students to the careers offered in communication.
During this event, there is a panel of La Salle alumni that answer any questions students may have. They also provide career advice from searching for internships ,all the way down to nailing the interview, while also providing an opportunity to network. While typically directed to freshmen and sophomores to give them a better idea of what they can do with their major, it is never too late to learn more about job opportunities and what past La Salle students have accomplished in their professional lives.
Many students have been going to this event for several years and have made use of the advice that they heard. Christina DeLullo, a junior communication major, has been going to this event since she was a freshman. “The best advice I have received is that everything is a process,” DeLullo says. “It’s not about having a spot at the top. It’s what you went through to get there that matters and makes things worthwhile.”
Besides attending panels and networking nights, students are encouraged to join AWC, where they can get hands-on experience in helping to run events, which works to improve time management and organization skills.
Not only are students developing these skills, they are also forming a bond with the other members who will consistently provide strong advice.
“My favorite thing about AWC is the friendships that you form with other members”, said Daniella Stagliano, junior communication major. “I really enjoyed the fact that by joining AWC I got to meet and make friends with other young women who were passionate about pursuing careers in communication.”
Besides advice from the alumni who visit and speak at the events, AWC members are there to provide information as well, preparing their members on how to tackle applying for internships and jobs. Stagliano said, “I was really able to connect with my peers in my major whom I could ask questions about things like what to wear for interviews and what are good places to apply for internships.”
DeLullo also expressed her appreciation for being a part of AWC: “Through AWC and its panels, I have gained more confidence, and now I am comfortable with having to interact with potential employers.”
The alumni panel will take place on Oct. 23rd, in Room 100 of the Communication Center at 6 pm. All majors are welcome to join and learn about professionalism and shaping their career paths. A presentation by Career Services will also be provided to answer students’ questions about preparing for jobs and internships.