From the Editor’s Desk: Features in Review (May 5, 2016 Edition)

By Dan Maloney

Collegian Editor

This week marks the final issue of the Collegian for this school year. Throughout the year, Features has attempted to explicate what it means to be Lasallian and the responsibilities of a Lasallian student in today’s rapidly changing world. Through the stories that have been published, I’ve come to a certain understanding of that identity. A Lasallian is not only informed and educated but also equipped to use that education in a positive way to improve or serve different communities. A Lasallian community is based not only on respecting differences but also celebrating them in a way that allows other Lasallians to interact with them in a new and better way.

This week, Andrew Durkin and I have decided to publish stories that cover the elements of Lasallian education — faith, service and community — through the different levels of the La Salle community including students, staff, faculty and clubs. I am particularily proud of these stories as they individually demonstrate La Salle’s international character, its dedication to service and its love of community.

As an aside, I am particularly grateful to Andrew Durkin for his work in Features this semester. While he will be studying abroad next fall, I will continue to edit the section as the 97th and longest-serving Features editor in the Collegian’s history. It is both an honor and a privilege to take this role for another school year.

I am also grateful to the readers who have continued to read the section and have emailed me or my writers with comments or compliments. We welcome the involvement with our readers and thank you for your dedication.

Andrew Durkin and I wish all students best of luck with their finals, all professors best of luck with grading them, and we hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.