Cuts made, Lasallian values maintained (February 11, 2016 Issue)

The Office of the President had to make the difficult decision yesterday to cut costs via termination in effort to maintain short-term stability and long-term prosperity. President Dr. Colleen Hanycz and her administration terminated 33 janitorial employees in an effort to reduce costs during challenging financial times. Although it is unfortunate that La Salle’s financial state requires this decision to be made, the Collegian understands the necessity to prioritize spending for the sake of the university.

The details of the financial relief that the university will receive from these cuts has yet to be made available; the decision, however, to outsource janitorial services to Interstate Maintenance Corporation makes sense. This decision comes shortly after the university announced that it would implement a Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program package. These two decisions, along with Program Prioritization, are necessary to combat La Salle’s $12 million revenue shortfall.

Every financial decision that has been made up until this point has been in the best interests of La Salle students to ensure we all receive a Lasallian education. The Office of the President has likewise maintained Lasallian values in its difficult decision making and has made every effort to aid employees following termination.

Furthermore, the Collegian commends the consistency the president has shown in making difficult financial decisions since her taking of office. The 23 employees who were terminated over the summer were aided in a similar manner as the janitorial employees, receiving tuition remission, assistance in finding new employment and counselling services. Effective leadership requires consistency, and Dr. Hanycz has been consistent with both her actions and with the Lasallian mission.

The fear associated with a total debt surpassing $12 million is quite real, but misperceptions regarding a sense of disarray among leadership at La Salle is misconceived. The Collegian stands behind the recent financial decisions to continue to educate students in the tradition of the Christian Brothers.

As La Salle moves forward with its prioritization process more challenging decisions will be made by the Office of the President. The Collegian expects that all of these decisions will be conducted in a Lasallian manner. We look forward to continued short-term stability but also await long-term growth.