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February 8th, 2010

So you don’t live on campus.
Who really cares? You’re still a member of the La Salle University community, and we at C.A.O.S. want you to remember it. We at the Commuter And Off-Campus Student Association (Or, C.A.O.S.) want to make your tenure as a commuter at La Salle University the best it can be.

Who are we now?
C.A.O.S. is the student government association for commuter and off-campus students at La Salle University. Our primary concern is to keep commuter and off-campus students informed about university regulations and to keep unity between all students apart of the La Salle Community.

Our purpose is to represent the needs and interests that are unique to commuter and off campus students at La Salle University, and to promote strong relations between the commuter and off campus population and the La Salle University community through examining and understanding cultural diversity, special interests, and unique backgrounds of individuals and groups within the community.

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