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Business Systems and Analytics, which reflects an emerging trend in Business Information Technology, will provide students with a practical and theoretical understanding of applying tools of information systems and analytics to enhance effective problem solving and decision making.  Business Systems and Analytics integrates technology and quantitative methods to capture data reliably and create relevant information for decision making that yields strong organization performance and sustained competitiveness in the global business environment. The application of business analytics is essential in in all areas of business including: human resource management, financial management, consumer behavior, customer relationship management, sales and marketing, risk management, real estate investment and supply chain management.

In the information age, professionals entering the marketplace require specialized training and education in problem-solving, creative thinking, analytical skills, organizational skills, computer skills, and communication. These are the skills that the Business Systems and Analytics major will develop.  The applied nature of the Business Systems and Analytics discipline suggests a critical link with the practicing professional community.  This relationship is established and maintained within the Business Systems and Analytics program through the use of real-world projects, internships, cooperative education, and practicing professionals as classroom speakers. These activities will provide students with a forum for networking and exploring career opportunities.

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