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Advertising Panel

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The guest speakers for this panel presentation were alumni who were employed in various occupations related to advertising. The three panelists elaborated on their day-to-day practices in each of their respective businesses. Additionally, each speaker spoke about his individual experiences and transition following graduation from La Salle University to finding his current employment.

Matt Chiachetti, a senior accountant executive for the Brownstein Group, spoke of discovering his interest in advertising through magazine ads that he posted on his dorm room wall. He interned at various places, including the Brownstein Group, and discovered valuable advice during his job search, which he shared with an audience. He elaborated on the importance of keeping a genuine correspondance with a potential employer to prove your interest and excitement about the job position available.

Jeff Leauby, an accountant executive for Metro newspaper, advised students on specific courses to take while at La Salle that can be helpful in determining his career path. He also stressed that one must always love his job.

Mark Terruso, an accountant manager for WIP 610 Radio, gave a different perspective related to choosing his current job. He experimented with a few different employment oppurtunities in the radio industry before determining his true passion. He advised students not to settle but to be persistent. He gave an example of how he campaigned for one job position by having others rally for him, sending creative messages to his employes, and by taking various other steps to show that he was passionately interested in working for the company.

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