June 3rd, 2013

The La Salle University chapter of the American Marketing Association is one of many organizations within the La Salle Business School. Our membership includes students of all years, residing on and off campus, with majors ranging from marketing to digital arts, public relations, communications, management, and others.  La Salle University’s AMA exposes its members to various careers in marketing through guest speakers, alumni and networking events, and career building activities. These opportunities are key in developing leadership and communication skills throughout the four year college experience.

La Salle University’s AMA also participates in activities non-marketing related with different organizations on campus. Our AMA focuses on giving back to the community by hosting different events on campus such as our annual Lenny’s Friends With Wings Bowling Event and Dodgeball for Diabetes. We also give back to the community by hosting various bakesales and donating our raised funds when we participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Philadelphia each year. We also gather toys and contributions for the Ronald McDonal House each year.

Our mission of the American Marketing Association at LaSalle University is to enhance students’ knowledge of the current marketing industry. We aim to help students foster a relationship between what is learned in the classroom and how it will be applied in the real world. Not only do we provide students with guest speakers, representing the wide spectrum of marketing professions, but we also provide: connections between current students, alumni, and faculty with emphasis on networking for the future, career building events which will enable students to learn the proper behavior for a business setting, hands-on experience through event planning, research, and promotion within the organization, and an environment where students can utilize skills learned in their Marketing courses.

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