League History

The Black Student Union was founded in 1968 at La Salle University. The founders of this organization, included Roland Taylor, Kenneth Durrett, Bernard William, young African American men who wanted to bring awareness to La Salle’s campus and who wanted to solidify leadership and understanding of one’s culture among their fellow students. The organization was moderated by Dr. Theopolis Fair, a professor in the History Department, who still teaches here today. The name of the organization was changed from The Black Student Union to the Black Student League and then to The African American Student League in 1994 which it has remained ever since. This organization is known for having brought Sammy Davis Jr. and Muhammad Ali to La Salle and also other great minds such as the late Shirley Chisholm, James Meredith, and Cecil B. Moore. The African American Student League was formed to create an understanding of the African and African American culture. This organization is still accomplishing the goals of the founders and is creating an environment where acquiring knowledge is still accepted.

Our Mission

To educate the La Salle community about past,
As well as prevailing African-American issues.
To increase awareness and acceptance of different
cultural backgrounds.
To serve the African-American community at large,
Through organizational sponsored service projects.
To provide quality programming i.e., Lectures,
co-sponsorships with other student organizations
that promote cultural awareness on La Salle’s campus.

AASL Pledge

AASL Pledge:

I solemnly swear, as a member of the African American Student League executive Board, to uphold all the tasks I have been bestowed pertaining to this organization. I pledge to be a positive role model for the black community even on the darkest of days. I pledge to respect myself as well as the rest of the black community because we deserve it. I pledge to use my creativity, intelligence & energy to better this organization. I vow to strive to uphold the mission of eliminating racism, replacing it with justice, in hopes to bring peace so help me God.

Executive Board Declaration 

Executive Board Declaration

(Must Be Recited and Signed by all Executive Board Members)

I, a member of the African American Student League Executive Board, vow to serve and defend the values and the dignity of our population of interest by educating students and faculty on Who we are, What we must know, and How we must act as an organization. Most importantly, I shall reserve and defend the African American culture in our student body, all while incorporating Lasallian values in all our actions.

AASL Complete Constitution

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